Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MIL did visit us for nearly a week. It was great to see her. I still feel terrible about the visit, though. Bean woke up vomiting the morning she was due to arrive. He took it really well. He'd puke, cry, then be fine. He was mostly over it in a day or two. She and I came down with it a couple days later and had it worse. I felt better after about 2 days, but she felt lousy until her departure.

SIL had her baby last week - a gorgeous little girl. MIL will be with SIL and family for a while to help. MIL actually made a recent comment to Hubby about how we're the neglected ones of the family. I wouldn't say neglected, but I'm glad she acknowledges the discrepency.

We have to be ever vigilant of our conversations around Peanut. One day when Hubby was picking the boys up from daycare Peanut commented how Bean favors Daddy. So Hubby pointed out that Bean sometimes (more like rarely) prefers Mommy and asked Peanut some thing about Mommy. Peanut's reply "Mommy's pretty and smart and she says 'dammit' when she's mad. She shouldn't say that." Busted! They talked about how I shouldn't say it and decided I need to say "fudge" instead. Hubby hasn't let it die down.

He got his yesterday. I took the kids grocery shopping and decided to pick up a 6-pack for Hubby. I stopped in the beer aisle to look over the stock and rhetorically asked "Hmmm, which kind does Daddy like." Peanut trots over to a 12-pack of Miller Lite, points to it and says "Daddy likes that kind." I agreed. A lady walking by chuckled.

So I may have a potty mouth, but Peanut knows Hubby's vice, too.
So, I'm still here. Not writing, but here. The work computer likes to lock up whenever I get online and the home computer is often occupied by Hubby or Peanut. When it's free I'm usually busy entertaining Bean(keeping him out of trouble) or too tired to think.

Let's see...Bean will be a year old in a week and a half. Holy crap. He's this close to walking. He can get himself up to standing without any support and will occasionally take a step or two. He cruises like mad, reaches for anything he can grab, climbs like a monkey, and is loving eating solids. He has 5 teeth and 3 more on the way. He has added "Hiiiieeeee" with manic waving and the dog's name to his repertoire. He's still not sleeping through the night (zzzzzzz). One of these days we'll work on it. Or not.

Peanut has grown taller, but is still a wee one. He's as full of vinegar as ever and never misses an opportunity to argue...which lands him in many time-outs. He still wants to marry BF's daughter, but held hands with another friend's daughter this weekend (so cute). He loves pink and purple and has created a series of pretend super heroes including Orange Arrow, who shoots orange arrows and wears an orange costume with "a star shield like Captain America" and Star Thrower, a ninja superhero who throws exploding shuriken (sp?).

Work's going. The one coworker still drives me crazy with her attitude and poor organization. I've been able to work more with the other coworker which has been great. I'm learning new-for-me techniques and he's great about explaining the theories behind them.

Hubby's busy dealing with our county's finest citizens. He was called to a domestic situation to Baker Act the family's adult daughter, nearly arrested her brother and father, and finally told the mom they all would benefit from counseling.