Friday, September 29, 2006

Two deputies were shot yesterday. Matt Williams and his K-9, Diogi, were killed by multiple gunshot wounds, on Matt's wife's birthday. Doug Speirs received a wound to the leg, but was later released from the hospital. These men are Hubby's friends.

The location of the shooting is in Hubby's old sector from back in his patrol days. How easily something like this could happen to any cop. Some 500 officers from all over the state are on the manhunt. If the shooter is still in the area, he'll be lucky if he's taken alive.

I've been saying lots of prayers for Matt's family and the safety of all officers involved in the search, including Hubby. If you believe in a higher power, please say a little prayer.


Hubby called a couple hours ago to let me know the suspect won't be hurting anyone else. And to tell me there were 2 murders last night. WTF? On days like this, my desire to leave the state is palpable.


I don't know too much about the K-9s. There's a tracking dog named Elvis or something befitting a hound dog and I always chuckle when I see his name on the car. I loved Diogi's name. I didn't get it at first, but I figured it out after Hubby said it a couple times. One of his homicide partners couldn't get it out and took much razzing.

Hint: if you're not the sharpest, like me, say Diogi (pronounced Deeogee)s-l-o-w-l-y. Someone had fun naming him.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ugh, I’m in a rotten mood. It started last night with Hubby working late. As I was getting the dog leashed for our walk, Peanut decided it was time to fill the dog and cat food bowls. Once he starts, he never wants to stop. A minor meltdown ensued, but he settled down once he saw the wagon and his blankie inside. Midway through the walk, he wanted down, which included the bonus of him pulling the wagon, something he can barely do. If I so much as touched him or the wagon handle, he began melting down anew. The damn dog wanted to drag me every which way and Peanut got mad any time I steered him away from the middle of the road. We finally made it home without me strangling anyone. I was sneaky and used the wagon’s umbrella to help pull it along. I think Peanut suspected I was up to something but never figured it out.

UPS left a message while we were walking. Apparently Husband’s niece is no longer at the address she listed in her gift registry, so UPS wanted to know what to do with the package. (The one we’ll probably never get any acknowledgement for.) After several busies, I finally got through and asked the woman to reroute the package to MIL’s house. Someone should be there to sign for it. And lucky for me, Wal-fart is sending the order in 2 shipments, so I need to call and see if they can change the address, which apparently is not an online option. Otherwise, it’ll be back to UPS once I have a tracking number. It’s so petty, but damn, we tried to do something nice for his niece, who never makes any effort to be social to us, and it winds up being a pain in the ass. I came really close to not even bothering with a gift this time, but her older sister just had a baby last year and we gave her something, so it would be mean to ignore her.

Hubby is sick with (we think) hand foot & mouth disease (oh, joy) and I just wasn’t in the mood for whining. So we got short with each other when he finally made it home. He has a sore throat and some suspicious tender red spots on his toes and hand (I have no reference for that – my case involved nasty huge blisters that were unmistakable. Several of those fuckers left craters which scarred.) A kid from daycare was diagnosed with HF&M disease this week and last week Peanut was a little off and kept complaining of boo-boos (which we never could see) on his fingers and feet. He’s been complaining that his mouth hurts, but maybe it’s not a tooth. Coincidence?

After his bath, Peanut wanted the potty, so Hubby left him naked. Peanut ran out to the kitchen to visit me and peed on the floor. At least he’s sort of got the idea and at least it was on the tile this time. He even tried to help wipe it up. How can you stay mad at that?

Mom is hanging in there. She’s still feeling crappy, even after treatment in the hospital. Fingers crossed that she got the referral to yet another gastroenterologist. At least this time her internist is concerned and made an appointment for an endoscopy.

I’m praying we’re all healthy and well next week so we can make the trip for the wedding and visiting my parents. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He almost peed in the potty again last night! After diaper tugging, Hubby and I asked if he needed to use the potty. We got an affirmative nod in reply. Once I got the dipe off, he sat on the potty for all of 2 seconds, popped back up and peed on the floor. At least he's getting what the urge to pee means.

No, Mom, I'm not getting my hopes up or expecting him completely to potty train any time soon. Thanks for the encouragment and positive attitude, though. It's nice to see you thinking positively as always.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess who peed in his potty last night!!! Hubby and I made a huge fuss with lots of hugs and kisses and told the little guy how proud we were.

We won't discuss that he pooped in his diaper without warning a mere 20 minutes later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

What a weekend! (In a good way.)

Peanut, Best Friend, her daughter and I went to the Doodlebops concert on Saturday. MAYHEM! A theater full of excited, screaming kids…I don’t think any other description is necessary. Peanut was overwhelmed when the show started and cried for about 30 seconds. By the second act, he decided it wasn’t too bad and wanted to stand up and dance. He even clapped a few times. I enjoyed spending some time with BF and we laughed about our change in venues…we’ve gone from chugging beers in the parking lot at college concerts to nosebleed seats at a rock band for kids. Not that we’d change a thing!

Saturday afternoon, while I napped, Peanut and Hubby went shopping for a little potty. Hubby set it on the bathroom floor and explained it to Peanut. Peanut went in the bathroom, shut the door, and sat on it (which was apparent by the sounds emitted). He then decided the potty would go better in the living room and dragged it over by the couch, pulled his shorts off and sat again.

Yesterday morning I was greeted with cards from Hubby and Peanut and a collection of very nice birthday presents, including a gift certificate for a much-needed relaxing massage and facial. I.CAN’T.WAIT! Dad and stepmom were generous, as always, and their gift included Lindor truffles. Peanut target locked on the bag as soon as I unwrapped it. I tried to play it off by pointing to the pictures and saying "ball." He pointed to the bag and responded "ball chockie." Yeah, he's smarter than me.

Once we got our acts together, we drove to the zoo. It was our best trip yet. We took Peanut into the aviary, for the first time. He was thrilled by the birds, sloths and monkeys. He also got really into the snakes and manatees. We managed to make it to the last birds of prey show. He was so sad to see the hawks and owls go bye bye. “Owl…owwwwl…OOOOWWWWWLLLL!” We initiated him to the stingray encounter. Once he saw me touching the rays, he had to do it, too. With a few reminders to be gentle, he did a good job. He spent a good bit of time splashing in the fountains and we finally dragged our tired selves outta there at closing time. We stopped at the Columbia restaurant for dinner (Hubby's steak was so tender I regretted getting chicken), which we finished off with flan and a candle. Hubby just HAD to tell the server it was my b-day. She was a sweetheart and made multiple comments on Peanut’s cuteness. He behaved pretty well, which didn’t hurt.

Peanut zonked in the car, but woke up at home, so I bathed him while Hubby picked up the essentials from the grocery store. Once in jammies, peanut acted like he needed to poop. Hubby helped him out of his diaper and Peanut sat on the potty for a little bit. Nothing happened, so Hubby got him back into a diaper. Peanut promptly sat back on the potty and pooped (in the dipe)! I think we’re on our way to potty training. Woo fuckin’ hoo!

This morning Hubby FINALLY solved the daycare diaper rash mystery. They’ve only been using diaper cream when Peanut already has a rash and misunderstood my note. So now they know to use it EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME. Hubby was very polite and tactful, but conveniently mentioned it to Peanut’s teacher in front of the center director.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well, they're consistent. Hubby's oldest sis and nieces, that is. We received mail from the younger niece yesterday. The one who was married in May. The one who hasn't even acknowledged the gift we gave. Not even via Hubby's mom. Guess what we got! An invitation to her baby shower this weekend. Yup, true to form, we only hear from her in situations where a gift is expected.

I wonder if sis-in-law will hit us up for hand-me-down baby clothes, like she did when older niece had her baby.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here’s yet another example of why I’ll never be mother of the year. Last night as I sat Peanut in the car seat after daycare pickup, he started to cry and pull at his diaper. I asked if his bum had a booboo, but all he did was point and say “bum”. (He’ll normally answer yes and point to the booboo, if he has one, so I wasn’t sure what was up.) I asked if his peepee hurt and didn’t get an answer. So I finished buckling him in and made a mental note to change his diaper when we got home.

About halfway there, Hubby called to let me know he had just been called out. This threw me off track and I forgot about the diaper. Daycare changes him shortly before pickup, so unless he has a poop diaper, I don’t change him until bedtime. I did the usual night time routine and discovered his reason for crying. His bum was speckled with rash, and his scrotum was completely red and irritated – I’ve never seen it so bad there. No wonder he was hurting. He cried all through the change while I gooped diaper cream on. Afterwards, he clung to me and cried for a few minutes more. I nearly cried with him. He was still red and uncomfortable this morning.

I left a note for the teachers to be sure and use diaper cream. I think the problem is two-fold: they don’t always use it (we always use it at home whether he’s rashy or not) and sometimes he stealth-poops, then gets a rash from sitting in a poopcake. I’ll talk to his afternoon teacher today and see what she has to say. Then I’ll decide what to say to the director. We’ve been going rounds with rashes since he moved up to the new room. Both Hubby and I have spoken with the teachers, but nothing seems to change. He clears up over the weekend when he’s with us, only to start up again during the week.

The reason I feel especially bad? Friday night during dinner he started wiggling uncomfortably in his highchair, then pointed to his butt and said “bum”. I had no clue what was up, but Hubby asked if his bum hurt and if he had a poopie diaper that needed changing. Emphatic head nods for yes were Peanut’s response. Sure enough, he was sitting in poop with the beginnings of a rash.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best friend had a visit from two detectives last week. Her stolen truck was recovered and they wanted the keys. Why would the cops go to all that trouble? Because the truck was used in a kidnapping & attempted murder and they needed to collect evidence. Apparently the scumbags ditched and tried to burn it, but left the windows up, so the interior smoldered before burning out. The tag was removed and put on another stolen truck of the same model and used in some other iffy business.

The police expected to release the truck to her insurance company this week. It sounds like it’s not totaled, but I sure wouldn’t want it back.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our weekend getaway was wonderful, but a couple days too short. We arrived just after dark on Friday night, dumped the bags in our room and checked out the property and beach. A harvest moon was just rising, much to Peanut’s delight. We stopped at the evening bonfire for a couple songs, then headed back to our room. Peanut was so ramped up, I fell asleep before him.

Saturday morning we went for a quick walk down to the beach, then to breakfast with Donald Duck and Goofy. Peanut spied Donald as soon as we sat down. We told him Donald would stop by to see him and he became mega excited. “Duck! Dodal! (Donald) Deesh! (please)” became his mantra. He pointed, he waved, he yelled “Hi! Hi!” until Donald finally made the rounds and arrived at our table. Peanut wasn’t scared a bit and gave Donald a big hug and kiss on the bill. They did a few high fives, we took pictures, and Donald left his autograph. A short bit later, Goofy made his entrance. “Dog! Woof Woof! Deesh! Hi! Hi! HI!!!!” was all we heard. As Goofy approached, I picked Peanut up out of the high chair. He decided my boobs would be fun to play with and started patting them and saying “Beebee, Beebee,” all of which Hubby got on video (hardy har har). The castmember accompanying Goofy misunderstood and said “How sweet, he’s saying Goofy.” Hubby made such a face, I had to turn away and laugh. Peanut hugged and kissed Goofy, did some more high fives, and we got some more video. As soon as Goofy left, we changed and headed for the pool and beach. We took a break to watch the shuttle take off, then headed back to the pool.

It was Peanut’s first time ever in a big (non-inflatable) pool. We had no idea how he’d react. He LOVED it. We have a little water baby. He didn’t want to sit in his float, he wanted Mommy or Daddy to hold him in the water and splash around. At lunchtime, we had a meltdown because he wanted to swim, not eat. When I left to take a shower, Hubby broke down and took him back to the pool. They returned to the room about 45 minutes later, just as I was leaving for A MASSAGE!! Peanut was not at all happy. When I got back, both were passed out. Hubby woke up and I tentatively asked how it went. He had to bribe Peanut with an ice cream bar. The little guy was so exhausted, he fell asleep sitting up, about ¾ of the way through. He woke up with a chocolate beard and smears on the sheets.

We hung out for the rest of the day, walked a little on the beach, and came in when it got drizzly.

Sunday morning we ate in our room (totally worth the $3.00 fee and gratuity which we would have paid anyway). Peanut was able to wake up when he wanted and could tear through the room while we ate without disturbing other diners. We packed up and put our stuff in the car, then headed back to the pool – Disney lets you stay at the resort for the rest of the day, even after checkout. Big thumbs up. We played for a couple hours, ate lunch, changed in the bathrooms located by the pool and headed for the outlet stores on our way home. Peanut scored a bunch of winter clothes and some cool, textured flash cards.

Monday, September 11, 2006

It’s been five years since the September 11th tragedy.

I’ll never forget that day. A coworker and I had been in the greenhouse setting up an experiment until around 10:30 or 11 am. We were hot, tired and ready for a break. We came back to the lab and I checked my e-mail. There was a message from the university president, or some official, mentioning the terrorist attacks and cancellation of classes. I had no idea what it was about and blew it off, assuming the attacks had been overseas. My coworker came back to the lab and said the twin towers had been hit. We went to the security office to watch the tiny TV. The news ran a near-continuous loop of the planes flying into the towers.

Our boss was away on business and both of us decided to leave. I was so distracted, I would have been useless at work, anyway. I listened to news all the way home and turned the TV on as soon as I got in the door. When I couldn’t take anymore, I took a nap, then put the TV back on.

I’m not a New Yorker, I’ve never lived there. But I grew up in NYC’s back yard. Many people from my hometown commute there for work. It’s not uncommon for rich New Yorkers to have weekend “country” homes in the posh towns sprinkled throughout my home county.

I never even went inside the WTC. One of my school trips was supposed to have a tour of the towers, but it was a drizzly day with low clouds, so we skipped it. I remember standing on the sidewalk looking up to the towers, the upper floors shrouded.

In the following days, as I got in touch with family and friends, everyone knew someone who was killed or knew someone who lost a loved one. It was chilling.

I don’t mean to ignore the victims of the other flights and in the Pentagon. Their tragedy was no less. I simply have a connection to NY that I don't have with the others.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We are going here for the weekend. I'm am so excited. Our little family needs a break from the craziness of late.

Last night Hubby announced he would be wearing a shirt and tie to work today. He's been trying to get out of the khakis and polo rut. A&E's Cold Case Files is filming at his office today and he wanted to look decent in case he ends up in any background shots.

Peanut decide my saggy, empty milk bags were prime for some pinching and squooshing last night. When I asked him to be gentle, he softly patted righty, then leaned over and kissed it, as he does for boo-boos. Sweet, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day week always reminds me of the starting school year and the end of vacation, even though those days are long past. One benefit of having divorced parents was two summer vacations. Mom and I generally took a road trip to somewhere within a day or two’s drive. I have some wonderful memories of the places we went. Lake George, NY and Storytown, which sadly now is a Six Flags and includes all the flash that goes with a major theme park. I was fascinated with the swan boats and somewhere there’s a picture of me standing in Storytown’s parking lot under a giant purple tissue-paper flower Mom got me as a souvenier. We stayed at a quaint little motor lodge near Storytown, the type of place that’s now probably a crack motel. That trip may also have been when we visited Howe Caverns. We spent a couple of vacations in the Poconos at an old resort. The cottages were cute, but the place was well past it’s heyday. The pool was ice-cold, as unheated pools in the north are. They had bingo and occasional dances, both of which were mostly attended by small kids or elderly folks. But to my childhood self, it was a 5-start resort. Another time we visited Hershey and Lancaster County. Mom remembered the Hershey tour from her childhood where they actually walked you through the production area. I guess food safety rules weren’t the same back then.

Catskill Game Farm was another place visited more than once, both with Mom and with Dad.

Dad’s first big trip with me was to Switzerland for my Nonna’s birthday in the winter of first grade. I cried nearly every night until we made a phone call home to Mom. It was my first real trip away from her and I didn’t handle the nights too well. After the call I was much better, but Dad waited a while before taking me on any other trips. I was fascinated by the stork refuge in Nonna’s village and the cobblestone streets outside our hotel room. I was both intimidated and thrilled by my non-English speaking relatives. Dad had to cut me off from drinking Cokes in the evenings, and let me have Fanta instead. Only years later did he realize it’s caffeinated as well. Every morning I thought it silly that he had to ask for cold milk for me. What kind of people drank room temperature milk?

Dad, Stepmom, and I also took vacations in the Poconos. The best ever was when we rode the Alpine Slide, which sadly has been removed (yet another theme park that had to keep up with the times). Our hotel had an indoor heated pool, which was heaven.

School season also brings back memories of the Danbury Fair. All schoolkids got a day off and a free ticket on Fair Day. I went several years with my best friend and her family. We were devastated when the fair was sold and later became a mall. During the summers when we slept with the windows open, we could hear the stock car races on Saturday nights.

School trips were to places like Sturbridge Village, the Statue of Liberty, and Boston’s Freedom Trail. One of my Brownie troop’s trips was to the Ice Capades (probably 1981 if I correctly remember the program – I loved mine and wished I could have a glittery costume).

I miss summers of running around in neighbors’ yards, riding bikes, summer camp, and swimming in the lake.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hubby had to work another homicide yesterday - 15 hours' worth of work. He got the call just as we were leaving for the zoo. I gave Best Friend a call, since we had all made plans to go together, but her daughter was sick. Peanut and I fed the ducks and visited Grandma instead. We went to a cookout for dinner and had a fun time with everyone there. The hosts have a little boy 6 months younger than Peanut. He gave us the hairy eyeball at first, wondering about the strange lady and the kid playing with his toys and trying to get his Mommy's attention. He warmed up to both of us after Peanut gave him a couple of kisses resulting in giggles on the kissee's part. The boys nicely shared toys, with just a couple of minor conflicts. It turned out to be a decent day, but not the one I had hoped for.

Peanut tossed and turned all night which meant neither of us had a good night's sleep. He was missing his Daddy this morning and refused breakfast. I plopped him back in bed with Daddy (who got home at around 3:30 am) while I finished getting ready for work and that seemed to do the trick. He happily said bye-bye to Lily and the kitties as we left. Daycare dropoff was a heartbreaking nightmare. Each time he reaches out sobbing "Mama, mama" as I leave, I want to quit my job.