Monday, September 25, 2006

What a weekend! (In a good way.)

Peanut, Best Friend, her daughter and I went to the Doodlebops concert on Saturday. MAYHEM! A theater full of excited, screaming kids…I don’t think any other description is necessary. Peanut was overwhelmed when the show started and cried for about 30 seconds. By the second act, he decided it wasn’t too bad and wanted to stand up and dance. He even clapped a few times. I enjoyed spending some time with BF and we laughed about our change in venues…we’ve gone from chugging beers in the parking lot at college concerts to nosebleed seats at a rock band for kids. Not that we’d change a thing!

Saturday afternoon, while I napped, Peanut and Hubby went shopping for a little potty. Hubby set it on the bathroom floor and explained it to Peanut. Peanut went in the bathroom, shut the door, and sat on it (which was apparent by the sounds emitted). He then decided the potty would go better in the living room and dragged it over by the couch, pulled his shorts off and sat again.

Yesterday morning I was greeted with cards from Hubby and Peanut and a collection of very nice birthday presents, including a gift certificate for a much-needed relaxing massage and facial. I.CAN’T.WAIT! Dad and stepmom were generous, as always, and their gift included Lindor truffles. Peanut target locked on the bag as soon as I unwrapped it. I tried to play it off by pointing to the pictures and saying "ball." He pointed to the bag and responded "ball chockie." Yeah, he's smarter than me.

Once we got our acts together, we drove to the zoo. It was our best trip yet. We took Peanut into the aviary, for the first time. He was thrilled by the birds, sloths and monkeys. He also got really into the snakes and manatees. We managed to make it to the last birds of prey show. He was so sad to see the hawks and owls go bye bye. “Owl…owwwwl…OOOOWWWWWLLLL!” We initiated him to the stingray encounter. Once he saw me touching the rays, he had to do it, too. With a few reminders to be gentle, he did a good job. He spent a good bit of time splashing in the fountains and we finally dragged our tired selves outta there at closing time. We stopped at the Columbia restaurant for dinner (Hubby's steak was so tender I regretted getting chicken), which we finished off with flan and a candle. Hubby just HAD to tell the server it was my b-day. She was a sweetheart and made multiple comments on Peanut’s cuteness. He behaved pretty well, which didn’t hurt.

Peanut zonked in the car, but woke up at home, so I bathed him while Hubby picked up the essentials from the grocery store. Once in jammies, peanut acted like he needed to poop. Hubby helped him out of his diaper and Peanut sat on the potty for a little bit. Nothing happened, so Hubby got him back into a diaper. Peanut promptly sat back on the potty and pooped (in the dipe)! I think we’re on our way to potty training. Woo fuckin’ hoo!

This morning Hubby FINALLY solved the daycare diaper rash mystery. They’ve only been using diaper cream when Peanut already has a rash and misunderstood my note. So now they know to use it EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME. Hubby was very polite and tactful, but conveniently mentioned it to Peanut’s teacher in front of the center director.


stefanierj said...

I'm so excited to hear about Peanut's potty training--how great! It sounds like he's on his way. I'm hoping the fact that my little buddy insists on following me to the bathroom every time and discussing, in detail, the various exchanges that have taken place, will mean an easier time, but we will see.

Happy belated birthday!!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if u were able to get any pics from the doodlebops concert u went to? if so, please email me here:

-- Stephanie*

selzach said...

Thanx for the b-day wishes!

Stephanie - no I'm sorry, I didn't bring my camera to the show.