Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ugh, I’m in a rotten mood. It started last night with Hubby working late. As I was getting the dog leashed for our walk, Peanut decided it was time to fill the dog and cat food bowls. Once he starts, he never wants to stop. A minor meltdown ensued, but he settled down once he saw the wagon and his blankie inside. Midway through the walk, he wanted down, which included the bonus of him pulling the wagon, something he can barely do. If I so much as touched him or the wagon handle, he began melting down anew. The damn dog wanted to drag me every which way and Peanut got mad any time I steered him away from the middle of the road. We finally made it home without me strangling anyone. I was sneaky and used the wagon’s umbrella to help pull it along. I think Peanut suspected I was up to something but never figured it out.

UPS left a message while we were walking. Apparently Husband’s niece is no longer at the address she listed in her gift registry, so UPS wanted to know what to do with the package. (The one we’ll probably never get any acknowledgement for.) After several busies, I finally got through and asked the woman to reroute the package to MIL’s house. Someone should be there to sign for it. And lucky for me, Wal-fart is sending the order in 2 shipments, so I need to call and see if they can change the address, which apparently is not an online option. Otherwise, it’ll be back to UPS once I have a tracking number. It’s so petty, but damn, we tried to do something nice for his niece, who never makes any effort to be social to us, and it winds up being a pain in the ass. I came really close to not even bothering with a gift this time, but her older sister just had a baby last year and we gave her something, so it would be mean to ignore her.

Hubby is sick with (we think) hand foot & mouth disease (oh, joy) and I just wasn’t in the mood for whining. So we got short with each other when he finally made it home. He has a sore throat and some suspicious tender red spots on his toes and hand (I have no reference for that – my case involved nasty huge blisters that were unmistakable. Several of those fuckers left craters which scarred.) A kid from daycare was diagnosed with HF&M disease this week and last week Peanut was a little off and kept complaining of boo-boos (which we never could see) on his fingers and feet. He’s been complaining that his mouth hurts, but maybe it’s not a tooth. Coincidence?

After his bath, Peanut wanted the potty, so Hubby left him naked. Peanut ran out to the kitchen to visit me and peed on the floor. At least he’s sort of got the idea and at least it was on the tile this time. He even tried to help wipe it up. How can you stay mad at that?

Mom is hanging in there. She’s still feeling crappy, even after treatment in the hospital. Fingers crossed that she got the referral to yet another gastroenterologist. At least this time her internist is concerned and made an appointment for an endoscopy.

I’m praying we’re all healthy and well next week so we can make the trip for the wedding and visiting my parents. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long.


stefanierj said...

I can't stay mad at my kid no matter what. That's why they make 'em so darn adorable. It's called survival of the cutest.

selzach said...

Yep, they're cute for a reason!