Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bean has a full-on toddler attitude. Hubby and I laugh over it so often. At least we were prepared for it - Peanut's 'Tude years lasted a while.

I asked Bean a yes/no question and couldn't understand his answer - it could've bean "yeah" or "nah". I asked him to repeat it. "I SAID NO, MOMMY!" Mmmm-kay.

He loves the moon. We've made sure to look at the pretty full moon the past couple of nights. We checked out the moon last night, shortly before bedtime. I was getting ready to do the final back scratch when he demanded to see the moon again. Up he got and trundled into the master bedroom, with the best moon view. We said our goodnights to the moon and the boys went back to bed.

He flipped out this morning wanting the moon. Nothing was working. Finally Hubby said "I'll call the moon when we get home and make an appointment to see her tonight." Bean was happy.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Things continue to be a roller coaster at Chez Selzach. Thankfully, it's been nothing we can't handle, but I'm ready for things to settle down.

Hubby got out of the leg brace this week. Now the hard part of physical therapy will start. He's regained some limited mobility in the knee, but it needs a lot of work.

I had an ugly mole removed today. It's something I've had for years and the dermatologist was pretty sure it's nothing bad, but he recommended removal. I was tired of every doctor/dentist/pediatric dentist/concerned person asking about it. I had it checked several years ago and was told it was OK but was ready to be done with it. Biopsy results and suture removal come next week.

Bean has now had 3 dentist/oral surgeon appointments for what we believe is a lamina cyst. The oral surgeon has referred him to a pediatric oral surgeon in nearby Big City so we're waiting to hear back on that. It will probably be removed under anesthesia.
I'm hoping we can just go and get it done, but have a feeling we'll have to go in for a consultation, then the actual removal. Having anyone go under general anesthesia really stresses me out, but I'm glad the oral surgeon wants us to go to Big City. Apparently our local hospital doesn't have a pediatric anesthesiologist and they have a reputation for delaying surgeries which isn't easy with a 2-yr-old under NPO orders.

Peanut ran out of subsidized Pre-K hours, then daycare upped their rates $45/week. In two months our costs have gone up $70/week. We were already just squeaking by with making payments on all the medical bills. Now we're back to putting stuff on the credit card. I have no idea how much the pediatric oral surgeon will be. Our dental coverage is shit. If it somehow falls under regular health insurance we'll be much better off.

I think my friendship with BF may have breathed its last breath. I'm still feeling ambivalent about it. She hasn't been much of a friend for years, but we were such good friends at one time. There weren't any fights or anything, just that we've really drifted apart and rarely speak to each other. She still forwards me chain emails, but that's about it.

Work is good. Things are still mostly calm with the occasional outburst by Dr. Evil directed at Newer Coworker. I still get along very well with Newer Coworker, but she is LAZY. It's getting old and I'm wondering if Boss has started to pick up on it. She stresses about having so much work to do, but spends hours online every day. I can't say too much - I have my slow days, too. But when I have work to do, I do it. And when I'm really slow I find things to do.

The boys now sleep in their own beds! It's awesome! Speaking of which, it's time to get them ready for bed.