Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm exhausted, but very happy.

Bean is doing well. On Monday he was up 2 oz from his weight at hospital discharge. The pediatrician said everything looks good and when he found out we were having difficulties nursing, he sent in the lactation consulatant. Yes, they now have an LC on staff and she's awesome. She had another patient, so our visit was short, but she had some very good suggestions and we saw her again on Wednesday. She spent an hour with us and is so nice. I like her better than any of the other LCs I saw with Peanut or in the hospital and she really takes her time. For now we're using a nipple shield - it's the only way Bean will latch on and I'm pumping several times a day to keep my supply up. I'm not sure he's getting enough from nursing - he's on me almost constantly and always seems hungry, so we supplement with expressed milk a few times a day, too.

He's cute as a button and still likes to be held for much of the night. Hubby and I are taking shifts for the nights. He's starting to wake up for brief spells during the day. I love to look at his little eyes.

Peanut is handling his new brother very well. He's gentle and likes to kiss and pet the baby. He has a bit of attitude with us, but that's fairly normal. He's still sleeping in his bed. He woke up the other night while I was nursing Bean and flopped onto the couch next to me and passed out. Once Bean was done, I put Peanut back in his bed with no problems!

Peanut did give us a big scare this week. He was running through the house and tripped and fell against his step-stool. I saw it with my peripheral vision and heard the thunk when he made contact. I knew it wasn't going to be good. He cut his face next to his eye and bled like a stuck pig. He freaked out and Hubby yelled at him for running around - I don't think he realized how hurt Peanut was. Hubby was able to stop the bleeding with an icepack and compresses...all the while Peanut was crying and screaming for us not to touch him. After a couple of phone calls to the pediatrician we decided to bring him in, even though the triage nurse didn't think it would be necessary. Sure enough, he needed stitches which they don't do in office. After an hour there, Hubby had to take Peanut to the ER. Luckily they got him in really fast, were able to use numbing gel instead of shots, and Peanut got 2 stitches (which he thinks are bandaids). He was not happy about it and repeatedly pushed the doctor away.

We think Peanut may be going through a growth spurt. He's been clumsy and seems taller. Poor guy. His reward for getting stitches was a cool kiddie pool. Once he has the all-clear to get his face wet, he'll get to play in it.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've been having feelings since last week that labor will happen soon...well, it did!

Bean was born at 10:38 am on June 5th after a very quick 3.5 hour labor! Hubby has nicknamed him ButterBean since he's got a bit of chunk. He's adorable and we're glad to be home.

My water broke just before 7 am on Thursday as I was getting ready to leave for work. I felt sort of crampy down low in my pelvis in the night and into the morning, but wasn't sure if it was anything important. I was supposed to see the OB at 9:15 anyway and decided I'd wait and ask her to check my cervix. Hubby and Peanut were planning to go to Sea World. Peanut had been asking to go for the past couple of weeks and it was the first day Hubby was free to take him. Peanut was so excited about it and I felt terrible bursting his bubble.

I didn't have any audible pops this time, just a wet sensation. I'd been so juicy anyway (TMI, I know), so at first I wasn't even sure if it was amniotic fluid or just the regular pregnancy mucous. I peed, got a fresh pad, and soaked it quickly. I told Hubby what was going on and we decided to take Peanut to daycare and head to the hospital. Hubby got Peanut up while I fed/watered the animals and got some last things together. I helped dress Peanut while Hubby showered, we explained he needed to go to daycare because we thought the baby was going to come and headed off in the car. By 7:30ish I was starting to feel contractions.

We dropped Peanut off around 8:15 and I was beginning to get uncomfortable contractions to the point where I couldn't walk during them, but wasn't in serious pain. We told the office and teachers what was going on and left his carseat and bag just in case a friend needed to pick him up. The teacher who lives in our neighborhood offered to take him home with her if necessary - she's such a sweetheart. He was such a trooper until it was time to leave. He cried so hard as we left. His teacher was great and held and comforted him.

We made it to the hospital shortly before 9. The contractions were getting painful. By the time we got to triage I was having to breathe through them. I was 4-5 cm dilated. The OB checked me once I moved to a labor room (the most uncomfortable walk of my life with some big contractions) and I was at 7 cm. The contractions were coming on fast and strong and I had a hard time breathing through them. Once I lay on the bed I felt a little better - I could relax and tolerate them a bit more. I was ready for the epidural but wondered if I'd have time to get one.

A short while later I began feeling like my abdomen was shaking during contractions and I had a lot of pressure. I was ready to push. The nurse had me roll back onto my back (I was on my side after Bean had some dips) and I was ready. I'm not sure how long I pushed, maybe 30 minutes. Wow, the urge is incredible (I was almost completely numb with Peanut and never felt it). With the help of the bed handle things I finally got into position for really good pushes and I could feel Bean moving down the birth canal. Finally he was out!

His Apgars were great - 9 I think. After his wipedown and checkover he latched on for a good 20 minutes!

Hubby went to the nursery for Bean's bath while I had lunch. We later moved into a room on the mother & baby hall. Luckily the other occupant was getting ready for discharge, so I had the room to myself for the first night. (The second night will make for a future post.) Hubby later brought Peanut to meet his little brother. He went over to Bean and told him he loved him and he is his bestest buddy (so cute). He thought Bean's hair tasted funny when he kissed him and wouldn't kiss him again until today!

Hubby and Peanut went home and Bean and I got to know each other. The nurses took him for a couple of hours so I could sleep, then brought him back to feed around midnight. Nursing has not been easy, so we're supplementing with pumped milk and a little formula. The second night was tough - Bean wanted to be held almost all night, so I only slept about 3 hours. He's sleeping better at home and Hubby was a great help last night letting me sleep for about 4 consecutive hours until I needed to get up to attempt a feeding and pump. Sometimes Bean latches on pretty well, but he falls asleep and never nurses for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. Other times he won't latch at all and either falls asleep, even with lots of back scratching and stimulation, or he gets upset and squalls. He's a little jaundiced, so we want to make sure he's getting enough milk.

We see our regular pediatrician tomorrow and I'll ask about the nursing. I'll call the lactation consultants tomorrow or Tuesday if things don't get easier. I really want to nurse Bean without the hassle of pumping, but I'm up for it for now.