Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Peanut keeps us entertained at chez selzach. I love how he cracks up when Hubby is silly, his cute conversations, and the goofy faces he makes.

Last night in the car he came out with a couple of cute ones.

"Water onna woob!" It took me a minute to realize he was telling me he spilled water on his woobie (blankie). He was concerned about it, but once I told him the water would dry, he was fine.

A short while later we saw a police car.
"Si-ens on!"
"Sorry, sweetie, they only put the sirens on when they're going to help someone." (He makes the same demand any time we see an ambulance, firetruck, or cop care.)
"That's right, they help people who have booboos."


We're still working on the whole bedtime/sleep thing. Our vacation messed it up - we were up late and he slept in bed with us since neither grandparents have cribs anymore and Papaw's house has steep stairs, so we wanted to be near Mr. Stealthypants who loves stairs.

Last night, Hubby finally got Peanut to sleep after putting him back into bed countless times. Peanut woke up several times after that and was patted/shushed back to sleep. Around midnight, he bounded out of bed, found Hubby, nodded his head, put his hands on his hips and announced "Mommy Bed!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The family and I made and impromptu trip to the mountains this weekend. Hubby’s military sis and her kids were staying with their parents and youngest sis’s child had a birthday last week. It was a good time to see everyone, celebrate the birthday, and for military sis to meet Peanut and for us to meet her youngest son.

It was our best trip yet. We spent the whole weekend with family, had a great time with them, and Peanut was amazing. We left around 4 pm on Thursday and finally stopped at about 1 am in Kennesaw, GA (north Atlanta). He had his fill of Elmo and movies and made nary a peep. He got a little hyper when we stopped for dinner and wanted to climb all the chairs/booths in the joint, but after being cooped up for 2 hours, it wasn’t surprising. Once we got him into a highchair, he settled right down. The only hairy spell was when we stopped for the night and he had a crying jag. The hotel room didn’t suit him and he repeatedly asked for bye-bye, but with some snuggling he zonked back out. He was up at the crack of daylight ready to get outtta there.

The ride back was no different. We left around 2 pm on Sunday and got back home around midnight. He didn’t fuss at all and passed out in his bed once we got home and changed into jammies.

It was so nice to see Military Sister. She’s doing well, but she and her husband are still stationed halfway across the country from each other and will be for another year or so. The kids are doing better (older son went through a bad angry/aggressive phase when they first moved away from their dad), but holy hell, the kids are a couple of ruffians. The 4-year old is HYPER and the 1.5-year old is big (32 lbs – he has 10+ lbs on Peanut) and doesn’t take shit from older bro. Older bro had the bite marks to prove it. Hubby’s younger sis is doing amazingly well. She’s on meds and was the best we’ve ever seen her. She even warmed our car up for us one night so Peanut wouldn’t be cold and gave Hubby a beautiful jacket. She’s never been that considerate of us.

Mostly, the weekend was chaos with 4 little ones running around jacked up on cake, soda, cookies, or whatever they could pilfer. Niece’s birthday party got off to a rocky start when Papaw joked about smooshing the cake – the birthday girl broke into tears. Cake and presents got her over it, but we weren’t allowed to make any more cake jokes.

Peanut loved seeing the grandparents. He knew both houses by the end of day one and would announce where we were once we turned onto a driveway. He especially had fun running around with Papaw.

Saturday evening brought a great surprise – SNOW! It flurried on and off all day, but we wound up with about an inch and a half. Peanut loved it and had a blast tromping around in it Sunday morning before it melted. We made him come back inside after an hour or so and he threw a killer hissy fit.

Peanut learned some new words during the trip when Hubby had rotten gas. “P.U. STINKY DADDY!”

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winterish weather is finally here. We've had a few frosty nights and cool days. Of course, it's not really winter compared to other parts of the country, but it's not sweltering hot, either.

Flocks of robins and cedar waxwings have been hanging around work. They discovered the cooling pads as a source of water on one of the greenhouses. I had never been so close to a cedar waxwing before. They are beautiful birds. The ospreys are beginning to nest and chirp to one another. The ill-fated pair who nests on the utititly pole above multiple power lines and transformers is back. I hope their nest and young survive the nasty storms we'll get later in the year.

Mom has started sorting through her things. Several loads have been trashed or donated and more is waiting. Hubby and I helped her some this weekend and took some family antiques home with us. As usual, Mom is not well prepared and is progressing very slowly. I don't want to spend every weekend helping her, but I have a feeling that's what I'll be doing until she moves. At least she sold the trailer partially furnished, so we don't have to worry about much furniture.

Peanut is getting over strep throat. True to form, he didn't present indicative symptoms and the doctor first thought he had something viral. She decided to run a strep swab and sure enough, it was positive. He was miserable all day Monday and his mantra was "Owwie...owwie...owwieeeeeee." Antibiotics are truly amazing - by Tuesday morning, after only one dose, he was nearly fever-free and pretty much back to normal. I knew he was feeling like crap on Monday when he asked for Mommy Bed and headed for my bedroom with binky and blankie in tow.