Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winterish weather is finally here. We've had a few frosty nights and cool days. Of course, it's not really winter compared to other parts of the country, but it's not sweltering hot, either.

Flocks of robins and cedar waxwings have been hanging around work. They discovered the cooling pads as a source of water on one of the greenhouses. I had never been so close to a cedar waxwing before. They are beautiful birds. The ospreys are beginning to nest and chirp to one another. The ill-fated pair who nests on the utititly pole above multiple power lines and transformers is back. I hope their nest and young survive the nasty storms we'll get later in the year.

Mom has started sorting through her things. Several loads have been trashed or donated and more is waiting. Hubby and I helped her some this weekend and took some family antiques home with us. As usual, Mom is not well prepared and is progressing very slowly. I don't want to spend every weekend helping her, but I have a feeling that's what I'll be doing until she moves. At least she sold the trailer partially furnished, so we don't have to worry about much furniture.

Peanut is getting over strep throat. True to form, he didn't present indicative symptoms and the doctor first thought he had something viral. She decided to run a strep swab and sure enough, it was positive. He was miserable all day Monday and his mantra was "Owwie...owwie...owwieeeeeee." Antibiotics are truly amazing - by Tuesday morning, after only one dose, he was nearly fever-free and pretty much back to normal. I knew he was feeling like crap on Monday when he asked for Mommy Bed and headed for my bedroom with binky and blankie in tow.

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StaceyG said...

Punkin had strep once, but her throat looked like a raw steak! Breaks your heart to see them like that...