Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The new lab? niiiiiice. We're mostly moved in, adjusting to everything being in a new place, and enjoying it.

Mom has an offer on her trailer. The buyers are going to give her some sort of contract, will pay cash, and want to move in as soon as they can. Saturday is her birthday, so I'll take her to lunch, then we'll start taking loads of donations and trash away. She sold the place partially furnished, so other than her personal items, the bed and dresser, and whatever stuff she wants me to take, the rest will thankfully stay.

Peanut has turned into such a little chatterbox. Each evening on our ride home, he tells me about the ducks, geese, swans, buses, trains, cars, trucks, bikes, and anything that catches his eye. I love listening to him. He still has some adorable mispronunciations, like kunk for skunk, popcorn for popsicle, tiss for kiss, and pillar for caterpillar (as in the Very Hungry one). When he's naughty, I tell him he's "not being nice" and he'll immediately give me a kiss and hug. When he gets screechy I tell him it hurts my ears and he insists on a "tiss" for each ear, then tells me "all better". I love him so much.


stefanierj said...

OHHHH I love toddlerspeak. D is a big fan of the song "sinkle, sinkle" (twinkle twinkle) and and he still drops his Hs like a frenchman. "Mama 'at." is mama's hat and you can guess what "Day-vuss 'eavy" is, LOL.

Big old smooch for Peanut from us.

StaceyG said...

Awesome on all counts!!