Thursday, January 04, 2007

Peanut's bedtime went as well as could be expected - it wasn't bad. At 8:30 we announced it was bedtime and he broke down in tears. Hubby conned Peanut into letting me brush his teeth while he sat on his airplane. It worked! He opened his mouth and everything. He zoomed around the living room as we attempted to read his Night-Night story, then I put him in bed while Hubby installed the baby gate. We explained that he needed to stay in bed, but we'd be just a room away.

Of course, as soon as we were out of site, he was at the gate, binky dropped in the hallway, wailing away. I put him back in bed, replaced binky, snuggled him up with blankie, and left. Hubby and I replayed that scene several times. Finally I took a cue from Supernanny and sat in the hall and pretty much ignored him until he fell asleep. By 9:30, he was snoring.

Unfortunately, he kept waking up and Hubby put him in bed with me around 11 or 12. The little stinker slept soundly after that.


stefanierj said...

Bless your heart. It'll all work out. At least when he's in bed with you, he sleeps. D gets into our room and it's UP MAMA CLOTHES ON SOCKS ON WAKE UP until I finally drag ass out of bed. :P

selzach said...

I'm LMAO, because on weekends, it's "Daddy, Mommy gitup. Room." If that doesn't work, he yells into Hubby's ear.

(Room is Peanut for living room and means get your asses out of bed and come with me into the living room.)

StaceyG said...

I just can't believe he's already this "old"! Time flies!!

We loved "Time for Bed" too. It's a good one.