Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mom and I have reached a truce. I called several days ago to see how she was doing. At first she was frosty, so I knew she was still pissed. She may have a buyer for her trailer and expressed uncertainty about moving into the ALF. I asked what her alternative might be and she responded she'd like to move back to NC. Bad idea as she has only one friend there, no family, no support. I asked how she would find a suitable place and she said she would take a bus to Asheville then use taxis to get around. She said she'd ask her therapist/social worker to put her in touch with a social worker up there. Ummm, no. Her therapist is great, but the other social workers she's had (via the hospital) were overworked and pretty much useless. They usually have little to offer and Mom always falls into the cracks. It's always the same - her disability check is too much for her to qualify for most assistance, but not enough to cover assisted living housing, meds, doctors, etc. I asked why she thought going back to NC would be so great and she responded that she has no support here. Touche. We had a good conversation about why I can't handle her attitude, that I'd like to help but don't want to be bossed/sassed/treated like crap. I'm trying to work on my patience with her and she's trying to work on the mouthy bit. She sort-of apologized for the mean crap she says, with the disclaimer that she doesn't always know she's doing it. Whatever. Peanut, Hubby, and I took her to the grocery store this weekend and she started in on something, but I pretty much tuned her out.

And now for the daily bedtime update: Peanut fell asleep within about 15 minutes of going to bed and didn't get up until 1ish. I had no idea he was up and around until I heard him shut our bathroom door. I have no idea what that was about, but I put him into our bed and we zonked back to sleep.

He's forgiven the dog and is back to hugging and kissing her. The boo-boo foot still hurts, but he's handling it much better.


StaceyG said...

Our latest has been about over $200 in OVERDRAFT FEES in mom's account. I guess she thinks that money just grows there.When she gets manic, there's no stopping her. That was a lovely conversation today.

I don't blame you one bit for wanting some distance.

The bedtime thing seems to wax and wane when they're that age. He'll get it soon and then you'll miss him in your bed. =)

selzach said...

It's so frustrating. They're adults and entitled to live their lives, but to watch your parent do things that end up hurting them in the end (spending recklessly, treating family members like crap) just plain sucks.

I never signed up to be my mom's mom.