Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The bedtime situation is progressing two steps forward, one step back. We were on a roll of several really good nights. Then Hubby was called into work last Sunday and worked into the wee hours every night last week (which involved investigating a suicide, an accidental death, and assisting in the manhunt after a state trooper was shot during a traffic stop), which threw Peanut off. He came home from daycare with a fever Monday night, which didn’t help, either. He did OK at dinner, but he wanted to cuddle/be held for the rest of the evening. Changing his diaper/taking his temp was a nightmare with him screaming “MommyDaddyMommyDaddyMommyDaddy”. By 8:00 he ASKED for Mommy bed. (Holy crap he has never asked to go to bed before…and bedtime at 8:00 is like soooo infantile. He must have felt like shit.) I lay in bed with him until he zonked out, then vegged in front of the TV. The next morning when I got him up, he cried to be put BACK IN BED. By the time he was dressed and on the couch in front of JoJo, he was back to normal and ready for the day. (I’m still reeling over him 1) asking to go to bed 2) it being an hour earlier than he usually goes to sleep and 3) asking to go back to bed.)

The fever turned into diarrhea, so I stayed home with him for a couple days. He must’ve been having some killer intestinal cramps. Every so often he’d start to cry, grab his tummy and cry “Boo-boo tummy.” That was my cue to rub his tummy until he felt better. The diarrhea finally tapered off over the weekend. We managed to avoid diaper rash until he returned to daycare, and now it’s raging. I still wonder how they manage it – he had at least 4 days of the shits with just a hint of redness and after one day at daycare, he came home with full-blown rash.

By the end of the week, though, I got him back into a bedtime routine and was able to take the baby gate down. One of us still has to sit/lie in the hallway where he can see us, but he’s mostly staying in bed. He still wakes up between midnight and 2 to come to bed with us, but we seem to be resolving the bedtime battle.

Last night, the f*cking dog scratched the shit out of Peanut’s foot while playing. Every time he’d bear weight on it, he’d cry then yell “Lily BAD!” This morning was no better, Hubby padded Peanut’s foot with an extra sock, and Lily was still getting dirty looks from one pissed off little boy.

Work is fun – we’re moving into our new lab digs. It’s a nice, clean, bright, and big space. On the not-so-fun side, I’ve been roped into giving an informal seminar in a couple months. Gah, I hate those things. I don’t do all the spiffy cool molecular shit, so it’ll probably be a snoozefest for everyone.

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stefanierj said...

Poor dood. I'm glad things are better now, and mad props to you for sticking with the routine after the sickies tapered off. Go you! :)