Tuesday, February 08, 2011

No, the blog hasn't imploded. Yet, anyways.

Bean's oral cyst resolved on its own. It became markedly smaller over the week or so before his surgery was supposed to happen. He followed up with the pediatric oral surgeon a month later and was released from her care. He still has a small swelling on the gum, but nothing like it was.

We've all been doing well. Hubby has regained most of the use of his injured knee and is back to teaching defensive tactics and plans to return to martial arts classes soon. The extra income from his teaching at the academy is great, too.

We just paid off our credit card (Again! for the second year in a row!) and the car loan and medical bills....which means our mortgage is our only debt! I'm praying we can keep things that way so we can start saving towards a replacement car in the next year or two, our home a/c which probably will need repacing in the next couple of years, the kids' college (so far unfunded), and more toward retirement. If we can keep out of debt, it will be such a great thing. However, our criminal of a governor (medicare fraud, anyone?) wants to change our retirement benefits to help balance our state budget. It would mean a 5% pay cut for both Hubby and me...and losing the extra money we now have from paying off the debts. I know we're lucky to have jobs, but I'm angry. We make a decent living but could make more in the private sector, so the retirement and health benefits are compensation for that. We buried a friend and coworker of Hubby's in December, who was killed while working, and just last month two other LEOs were shot and killed in the line of duty less than an hour away. His job is risky and he deserves not to have a pay cut. I've worked hard to get where I am and continually learn new techniques to stay relevant and useful in my lab. I have a draft letter written and am letting it stew a bit before I finish and send it.

Peanut is kicking Kindergarten's ass! He was just tested for the gifted program and passed the initial evaluation with flying colors. Now we wait to meet with the guidance counsellor and figure out the next step.