Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hubby and Peanut had a very long trip to the ENT's office yesterday. Our old doctor has left the practice, so they are down to one ENT and a nurse practitioner. The boys were there for approximately two hours just to have the air pressure test (I don't know what it's called, but they check the eardrum) and a consult with the ENT. She took a look, declared that the tube-free ear still has fluid and the other is hanging onto its tube. She verified that he needs a new set of tubes and the adenoids out. Thankfully, she didn't yank the remaining tube, I guess since he'll be in for surgery soon anyway. (A friend had both of hers removed without anesthesia as a young child and vividly remembers the pain.) They wanted to schedule the appointment at the office, but Hubby asked if we could wait until after the baby is born. They're supposed to call next week and we'll see what we can arrange. I'm not looking forward to bringing a newborn to the surgery center, but I want to be there and I want Hubby to be at the birth (with our luck it would all happen at the same time if we didn't wait)!
3.5 weeks to go until the due date. Woo Hoo! Some friends from work hosted a baby shower this week, BEFORE the baby's arrival. Very different from last time.

I met one of the other OBs from my doc's practice. I never made it that far last time. He was very nice and I felt comfortable with him. He teased me a bit since we didn't have the baby's room ready - I liked that he made jokes and was personable. I'll meet the other doc this week.

The baby's room has mostly been rectified. Hubby and I spend several hours today rearranging the office to fit the guest bed, then moved the baby stuff into what was the guest room. The crib is mostly together, but we misplaced a part and couldn't finish it. Oops. We were worried about how everything would fit into the office, but it actually looks good. We're still going through stuff and weeding out what can be yard-saled or donated. Hubby assembled the side-car bassinette and it's in our bedroom's corner waiting to be used. We want to have the baby close to us in the beginning, but would like to avoid the whole sleeping in our bed deal if we can. And it will be safer for those times when Peanut ends up in bed with us.

By pure luck we saw the shuttle go up today. Hubby flipped to the NASA channel just as it was lifting off. I grabbed Peanut and we ran outside in time to see the "Space Shovel" go.

Friday, May 30, 2008

We're getting calls from collection agencies again. No, we're not in default on any debts. The first asked for someone with a name similar to Youngest SIL's name. Her first name is unusual, but spelled similarly to a more common name. They asked for CommonName OurLastname. Hubby stated several times that no one by that name resides with us.

Another call came last night, this time asking for the abbreviated version of her first name. Hubby explained that he has a sister with that name but she lives two states away and we have no contact with her. We don't know her phone number.

We're pretty sure they're looking for her. We heard via Good SIL that Youngest is having a lot of money problems. She and her partner separated last year and her partner moved out a few months ago. It sounds like she's trying to live a two-income lifestyle on hers alone. Her partner made a very good salary, so I'm sure it hurts. We also learned that Hubby's mom had to make back tax payments on her old house - the one she deeded to Youngest SIL when she divided the land among her kids. Apparently, Youngest never paid the taxes on it. Nice.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of Hubby's unsolved homicide cases, the one involving a dead baby, was solved! We assumed the mother would never be found, but a DNA match was made a couple of weeks ago. The kicker is that the Mom is a middle aged woman with other kids. She didn't want her family to know so she hid the pregnancy from them, gave birth to a live baby, and put her in a trash bag in a dumpster. I don't understand how anyone, especially someone who already has children, could do such a thing.
Four more weeks till my due date. Woo Hoo!


In big Peanut news....he's sleeping in his own "big boy" bed! We bought a comfy twin mattress and box spring set last weekend, and what a difference it has made. If we only knew the key to getting him to sleep was a soft bed, we would've done it months ago. We decided to go with a mid-priced pillow top mattress. Peanut tested it out in the store and declared he wanted it, so we got it. He slept through until 7:30 or 8 am the first night, came into our bed at around midnight the second night, and has slept until somewhere between 5 and 8 am for the past week! We still have to do the all-over scratch routine and one of us lies on the floor until he falls asleep, but he's going to sleep within 15-30 minutes and isn't fighting it so much. I'm relishing the quiet nights as they won't last much longer!


Mom called again last week. She sounded a little better. She wasn't doing the gasping thing nearly as much and again was very interested in how we all are doing. She wished we could visit, but doesn't want us to make the long trip with my due date so close. She promised to call again this week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yesterday was the date in my pregnancy with Peanut that he was born, so I'm now more pregnant than I've ever been. Six and a half more weeks to go! Hubby has a boat load of special details lined up over the next couple of weeks to help with expenses while I'm on partial pay during my parental leave. (I don't have enough vacation time to get full pay this time.) He keeps joking that I need to wait at least 2 more weeks before going into labor so he can work his scheduled hours. Of course, we're really hoping this pregnancy goes to full term.

Peanut's pictures from daycare are in! He looks so cute. He has a goofy face in one of the poses, but the others are adorable. I'm glad we're finally getting happy pictures instead of ones with tears.

I talked to Mom late last week. She actually called me to wish me a happy Mother's Day and see how everything is going. She's still a mess and is doing the gasping breathing thing, but I'm happy she wanted to call. We had a decent, but short, converstation. I hope they get her on the right combo of meds soon or that the depression and anxiety start to burn themselves out.

I had a really nice conversation with my aunt. She also called to with me a happy Mother's Day and wanted to know how we all are. She said she wished I was hers so she could come for the birth. She's been like a surrogate mom for me (she took care of me as an infant when Mom was institutionalized back then). I'm so lucky to have her and Stepmom in my life. I told her to come anyway, that we'd love to have her. I hope she does.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hubby and I are working in earnest again to get Peanut to sleep in his bed. We started Sunday night and so far he's gone to sleep fairly easily in his bed. This involves multiple bedtime stories, piling his favorite stuffed animals and blankets into bed, and scratching his backsidestummyearsheadshouldersarmsandlegs. He has stayed in bed until somewhere between 1 and 3 am each night - not too bad!

The key was to tell him his animals want to sleep in his bed. Who knew?


It's love bug season in steamy FL. Peanut recognizes them on sight, as does any Florida resident - the freakin' things are everywhere. He noticed a, ahem, pair on the ground the other day.

"Mommy, are those love bugs?"


"They stuck together because they love each other."


"Dat's why they love bugs."

Today makes 33 weeks! Everything looked good at my OB checkup and I had another negative fetal fibronectin test. Only 1 more test to go, and after that they won't stop early labor. I'm still having frequent contraction and they often hurt a bit in my pelvis and lower back, but so far they seem to be non-productive. Fingers are crossed that we go to full term. In 3 days I'll be at the date I delivered Peanut.