Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Four more weeks till my due date. Woo Hoo!


In big Peanut news....he's sleeping in his own "big boy" bed! We bought a comfy twin mattress and box spring set last weekend, and what a difference it has made. If we only knew the key to getting him to sleep was a soft bed, we would've done it months ago. We decided to go with a mid-priced pillow top mattress. Peanut tested it out in the store and declared he wanted it, so we got it. He slept through until 7:30 or 8 am the first night, came into our bed at around midnight the second night, and has slept until somewhere between 5 and 8 am for the past week! We still have to do the all-over scratch routine and one of us lies on the floor until he falls asleep, but he's going to sleep within 15-30 minutes and isn't fighting it so much. I'm relishing the quiet nights as they won't last much longer!


Mom called again last week. She sounded a little better. She wasn't doing the gasping thing nearly as much and again was very interested in how we all are doing. She wished we could visit, but doesn't want us to make the long trip with my due date so close. She promised to call again this week.

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