Friday, May 30, 2008

We're getting calls from collection agencies again. No, we're not in default on any debts. The first asked for someone with a name similar to Youngest SIL's name. Her first name is unusual, but spelled similarly to a more common name. They asked for CommonName OurLastname. Hubby stated several times that no one by that name resides with us.

Another call came last night, this time asking for the abbreviated version of her first name. Hubby explained that he has a sister with that name but she lives two states away and we have no contact with her. We don't know her phone number.

We're pretty sure they're looking for her. We heard via Good SIL that Youngest is having a lot of money problems. She and her partner separated last year and her partner moved out a few months ago. It sounds like she's trying to live a two-income lifestyle on hers alone. Her partner made a very good salary, so I'm sure it hurts. We also learned that Hubby's mom had to make back tax payments on her old house - the one she deeded to Youngest SIL when she divided the land among her kids. Apparently, Youngest never paid the taxes on it. Nice.

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