Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We had another awesome vacation visiting with Hubby's family. Nanna and Papaw spoiled the kids rotten. We played at the lake on their Sea-doo. We picnicked at the creek with Nana and Hubby impressed Peanut with his stone-skipping skills. Hubby and I were able to go on a date while the granparents watched they boys.

The familly drama goes on. Youngest SIL was convicted on her DUI charges and has a conditional license for a year. She can only drive her vehicle with an installed breathalyzer. The problem: she works for DOT and must drive state vehicles. Somehow, medical leave for knee surgery coincided with the whole mess and she is allowed up to 1 year of leave to recover. Meanwhile, she's not wearing her knee brace and is either going to eff it up even more or will be accused of falsely taking leave.

We had a weekend visit with Mom that went surprisingly well. She may go onto discharge status next month and is hoping to return to the mental health ALF she stayed at several years back. I'm all for it. She's made some mention of wanting to eventually return to her mobile home. No longer an option, IMHO.

Mom and I were nearly hit by a careless/reckless driver during the visit. We all were out for a walk and crossing the intersection at the end of our street (it's dangerous - the street curves right before the stop sign, so there's a bit of a blind spot and people fly through and run the stop sign all the time). Hubby had gotten across with the stroller and Mom and I were right in the middle of the intersection as a car came flying around, the driver on his cell. I grabbed her and stopped - we didn't know which way to go. Hubby yelled and the guy swerved as he noticed us. Hubby shined his flashlight at the car and yelled for the guy to stop. He cruised through the intersection, with Mom and me still in the middle of the road. Hubby and I both got a good look at the driver and his tag #. Hubby ran it as soon as we got home, got the driver's info and had an on-duty coworker issue a citation for running the stop sign. Of course, the dude said he's going to fight it in court. When the cop explained that he had nearly hit pedestrians and was told to stop he came up with a story about being scared because Hubby was yelling and shining a light at him. That still doesn't make his reckless driving right.

It'll be interesting if it goes to court. I think the driver will be very surprised when Hubby testifies as a witness.
Life's been busy since the last post.

Bean started vomiting later in the day after the infection diagnosis (we think he had a tummy bug). It was exacerbated by the Augmentin. At a follow-up on Monday we were told to discontinue it and there were no signs of an infection. Viral? Misdiagnosis? Who knows.

Since then we've had several rounds of illness. Mysterious fevers. A Sunday night trip to the ER for Bean with a 105.1 temp. Nurse and Dr. both agreed it was an ear infection and gave IV antibiotics. At the peds follow-up the next day, no sign of an ear infection (again). WTF? Five days later, another peds visit for fevers in both boys and a mild rash on Peanut. Negative Strep tests. Next day we figure out out - Peanut has the classice Fifth Disease "slapped cheeks". Bean follows a few days later. A week later, another after-hours ER visit, this time for Peanut with fever, head and neck aches and photosensitivity. Tylenol does nothing. Not meningitis (thank goodness). They don't run any tests since he just had a Strep test. Fever continues on-and-off for about a week, so I take him back. We see the awesome Nurse Practitioner. She does Strep test and a urine culture. It's Strep. We leave for vacation that night. Luckily the antibiotics do their trick. Two days after we get back, Bean comes down with tummy bug and pukes all over his bed and ours. Hubby and Peanut come down with it this weekend. Peanut wakes in the middle of the night, crying and stated "My tuuuuummmmmyyyy huuuuuurts" before hurling all over our bed. The screaming and crying wake up Bean. Hubby washes Peanut while I strip the bed and comfort Bean.

Now I'm waiting for my turn. And daycare just called - Bean puked all over his bed at naptime. Great.