Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hubby is working a heartbreaking case involving a dead newborn discovered in a dumpster. He’s at the autopsy this morning as they have no leads and little information. They don’t yet know if the baby was stillborn or died/was killed after birth.

He couldn’t tell me any details yesterday, but told me to watch the news – I’d know which case when I saw it. It was the local news’ top story. The reporters had little information to give and interviewed the man who discovered the baby. It was so sad. You could tell that poor man was doing everything he could not to cry on camera. He said he wished he hadn’t found the baby, but he was glad she wouldn’t end up in the dump.

Any way you look at the situation, it’s heartbreaking. The baby had no chance at life and was discarded like a piece of garbage. I wonder about the mother. Was she young and scared? Did she give birth to a dead baby and freak out. Or a live baby who didn’t survive? If she had gone to a hospital to deliver, would the baby have lived? Did she kill the baby or leave it in a trash bag to die? I wonder what kind of terrible situation she was in to do such a thing.

Last night Peanut and I played outside, went for a walk, and snuggled before bedtime. When he woke up at 10 and wanted to sleep in bed with me, I was happy to oblige, to lie there and listen to his sleepy snuffles and snores. This morning we sat on the couch and snuggled while he at breakfast. The whole time I was so thankful to be with him.

This morning’s news included a story of a dead newborn found in a Tampa alley last night.

Please, if you live in Florida and give birth to an unwanted baby, take it to a hospital, fire station, or other emergency medical services center. If the baby is 3 days old or younger, you can leave it no questions asked, under the Infant Safe Haven Law.
Other states also have Safe Haven laws.

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