Friday, January 05, 2007

Night two of our new bedtime routine worked very well! Peanut cried as we put him to bed, asked for a bazillion toys and required a Big Boy baba before he would stay in bed. Hubby took hallway-sitting duty and Peanut was out in about 15 minutes. Hubby tried to sneak away before the snoozing started, but Peanut was onto him and whispered "Daddy, sit down" each time. He's such a cutie. He slept on his own until nearly 2 am, then came to our room.

Hubby worked another one of those crazy cases yesterday. An injured woman was transported to nearby Big City Hospital. Given her injuries, the doctors guessed she was either hit by a car or fell out of a moving car. She admitted to doing drugs before the incident happened, don't remember nothin' and ain't sayin' nothin'. No one knows if her injuries were accidental or purposely inflicted, but the case is closed.

As much as I think the whole War on Drugs deal is overblown, it's sad to see that the majority of cases Hubby works, from disputes to robberies to murders, can be traced back to someone's drug addiction.


stefanierj said...

Great to hear how things are going! Good for Peanut! Better for you, but good for him too.

StaceyG said...

Heck, I think most every problem is caused by addiction of some kind. Sometimes even addictions to our own feeling states.