Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hubby had to work another homicide yesterday - 15 hours' worth of work. He got the call just as we were leaving for the zoo. I gave Best Friend a call, since we had all made plans to go together, but her daughter was sick. Peanut and I fed the ducks and visited Grandma instead. We went to a cookout for dinner and had a fun time with everyone there. The hosts have a little boy 6 months younger than Peanut. He gave us the hairy eyeball at first, wondering about the strange lady and the kid playing with his toys and trying to get his Mommy's attention. He warmed up to both of us after Peanut gave him a couple of kisses resulting in giggles on the kissee's part. The boys nicely shared toys, with just a couple of minor conflicts. It turned out to be a decent day, but not the one I had hoped for.

Peanut tossed and turned all night which meant neither of us had a good night's sleep. He was missing his Daddy this morning and refused breakfast. I plopped him back in bed with Daddy (who got home at around 3:30 am) while I finished getting ready for work and that seemed to do the trick. He happily said bye-bye to Lily and the kitties as we left. Daycare dropoff was a heartbreaking nightmare. Each time he reaches out sobbing "Mama, mama" as I leave, I want to quit my job.

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stefanierj said...

Separation anxiety sucks. I am so glad Daddymatic is the one to drop D off, because I could not do it. UGH. I mean, you know they recover and totally have juice and crackers keggers with their little friends after you leave, but still...it SUCKS.