Thursday, September 07, 2006

We are going here for the weekend. I'm am so excited. Our little family needs a break from the craziness of late.

Last night Hubby announced he would be wearing a shirt and tie to work today. He's been trying to get out of the khakis and polo rut. A&E's Cold Case Files is filming at his office today and he wanted to look decent in case he ends up in any background shots.

Peanut decide my saggy, empty milk bags were prime for some pinching and squooshing last night. When I asked him to be gentle, he softly patted righty, then leaned over and kissed it, as he does for boo-boos. Sweet, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

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stefanierj said...

Oh,yay for y'all. Have fun.

And what is it with baby boys and boobs?? Do girl toddlers do this, too or is it just boys? It kinda weirds me out. I hope he doesn't do this to the preschool teachers!