Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our weekend getaway was wonderful, but a couple days too short. We arrived just after dark on Friday night, dumped the bags in our room and checked out the property and beach. A harvest moon was just rising, much to Peanut’s delight. We stopped at the evening bonfire for a couple songs, then headed back to our room. Peanut was so ramped up, I fell asleep before him.

Saturday morning we went for a quick walk down to the beach, then to breakfast with Donald Duck and Goofy. Peanut spied Donald as soon as we sat down. We told him Donald would stop by to see him and he became mega excited. “Duck! Dodal! (Donald) Deesh! (please)” became his mantra. He pointed, he waved, he yelled “Hi! Hi!” until Donald finally made the rounds and arrived at our table. Peanut wasn’t scared a bit and gave Donald a big hug and kiss on the bill. They did a few high fives, we took pictures, and Donald left his autograph. A short bit later, Goofy made his entrance. “Dog! Woof Woof! Deesh! Hi! Hi! HI!!!!” was all we heard. As Goofy approached, I picked Peanut up out of the high chair. He decided my boobs would be fun to play with and started patting them and saying “Beebee, Beebee,” all of which Hubby got on video (hardy har har). The castmember accompanying Goofy misunderstood and said “How sweet, he’s saying Goofy.” Hubby made such a face, I had to turn away and laugh. Peanut hugged and kissed Goofy, did some more high fives, and we got some more video. As soon as Goofy left, we changed and headed for the pool and beach. We took a break to watch the shuttle take off, then headed back to the pool.

It was Peanut’s first time ever in a big (non-inflatable) pool. We had no idea how he’d react. He LOVED it. We have a little water baby. He didn’t want to sit in his float, he wanted Mommy or Daddy to hold him in the water and splash around. At lunchtime, we had a meltdown because he wanted to swim, not eat. When I left to take a shower, Hubby broke down and took him back to the pool. They returned to the room about 45 minutes later, just as I was leaving for A MASSAGE!! Peanut was not at all happy. When I got back, both were passed out. Hubby woke up and I tentatively asked how it went. He had to bribe Peanut with an ice cream bar. The little guy was so exhausted, he fell asleep sitting up, about ¾ of the way through. He woke up with a chocolate beard and smears on the sheets.

We hung out for the rest of the day, walked a little on the beach, and came in when it got drizzly.

Sunday morning we ate in our room (totally worth the $3.00 fee and gratuity which we would have paid anyway). Peanut was able to wake up when he wanted and could tear through the room while we ate without disturbing other diners. We packed up and put our stuff in the car, then headed back to the pool – Disney lets you stay at the resort for the rest of the day, even after checkout. Big thumbs up. We played for a couple hours, ate lunch, changed in the bathrooms located by the pool and headed for the outlet stores on our way home. Peanut scored a bunch of winter clothes and some cool, textured flash cards.

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stefanierj said...

How awesome for you, Peanut and Hubby to all get away like that! We need a vacation too, so you'd better watch out or we'll come and invade your home and make you take us to Disney too! :)