Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hubby’s stupid work schedule continues. It’s taking a toll on Peanut and me. I’m feeling like a single parent and hating it. Peanut is in the midst of Daddy separation anxiety. He cries nearly every morning at daycare, even on days when he goes immediately to the playground. I brought in a family picture at daycare’s request because he asks for Daddy so often during the day. He begins asking me as soon as I pick him up in the evenings. “Dada?” “Home?” “Dada?” Once we get home, it's "Dada?" "Nigh-nigh?" (Is Daddy sleeping?) When the three of us are together, he's really big into pointing to each of us in succession, reinforcing that we're a family. "Dada, Mama, Peanut. Dada, Mama, Peanut."

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stefanierj said...

OH MY GOD!! D does the SAME thing when we're all together--he even adds Lambie and his pacifier (bah-ji-bah) into the roll call.

And beyond that, this post is the sweetest freaking thing I've seen all week.