Friday, August 11, 2006

I was so proud of Hubby last night. He didn’t go to $eaW0rld because of some work that came up. When he spoke to his mom, she said how bad she feels that Peanut barely knows her. Hubby responded that he wished we could visit more often, but it works both ways. How she’s so busy taking care of the other grandkids, she has no time for us and that maybe it’s time to let her daughters raise their own kids. He said it as kindly as he could, and I’m so glad he did. Peanut is too young to notice or even care, but I’m tired of feeling like we’re sloppy seconds. I know it hurts Hubby’s feelings and eventually Peanut will notice that the other grandkids get a lot more time and attention than he does. I hope she takes it to heart and will take the time to visit more often or at least make time for us when we visit her.

She’s supposed to stay overnight with us tonight (fingers crossed that it actually happens). The bad news is that her friend invited herself along, too. I wish she had said something other than “I’m sure they won’t mind” when friend asked if she could stay. The house is a mess and we really don’t feel like entertaining the opinionated friend. So help me if she tries to oust MIL from the guest room so she doesn’t have to sleep in the office with the litterboxes. Yep, it gets stinky and it’s not the greatest place to sleep, but that’s what you get for inviting yourself over. If she doesn’t like that option, she can sleep on the couch, or go back and stay at the hotel with HER family.

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