Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peanut’s Elmo doll, compliments of, arrived yesterday. Hubby placed it prominently so Peanut would see it when we entered the house. He instantly saw the doll and exclaimed “Melmo!” Melmo accompanied us on our nightly walk around the neighborhood, buckled into the wagon for safety.

The word explosion continues. Key and hat were added to the repertoire just this morning. Last night, as Peanut poked at my boobs (a recent interest on his part) I said “boobie” half-jokingly. He responded with “beebee” and proceeded to point at Hubby’s chest then his own. I’m praying he doesn’t share that one with the daycare ladies, especially with the touching bit.

Hubby’s mom, youngest sis & family, and his mom’s friend & her family arrived in Orlando last night. The original plan was for Hubby and Peanut to meet up with them for lunch today and a theme park tomorrow. Of course, that all changed after Hubby had already dropped Peanut off at daycare with plans to mow the yard and do some chores before heading out to lunch. So now they’re off to $eaW0rld during the hottest part of the day. Hubby tried to talk me into leaving work early, but I declined. It’s going to be miserably hot, I’m not sure how Peanut’s nap will work into the plan, our niece is notorious for whining/crying until she gets her way (no one will say no to her), and I really don’t want to listen to SIL deliver a dissertation on all the things we should be doing HER WAY WHICH IS THE BEST AND ONLY WAY.

I’m sure I’ll get my fill this weekend. Family drama. Good times.

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stefanierj said...

Yay for the word explosion--and yay for you for saying no when you knew it was the best thing for you and Peanut. I am tired of people getting pissed because I won't put their needs before my child's. You say it, woman!