Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things have been chugging along at their usual, fairly boring pace in selzachland. Not that I'm complaining. Boring is much better than stressed-out and hectic. Hubby will soon be training a detective new to the unit, so we'll be back to an erratic on-call schedule.

Peanut became the proud owner of a new pair of shoes last night. He's been strutting around like hot stuff in them. He managed to kick off and lose one of the old shoes somewhere in the mall and after carefull retracing our steps, we came up with nothing. Lost and Found later called to report a kind soul had turned it in.

We've had middle of the night freakouts the past couple of nights. We're not sure what's up. Maybe teething.

He cracked his head pretty hard at daycare the other day (bad enough for them to call us) and has a huge egg in the middle of his forehead.

Little dude loves music. We've been watching Rockstar Supernova each week. Last night Peanut pulled out his drum and started beating on it during the show and played even louder once a song started. He was messing around with the drumsticks, too. Musician=cool. Tommy Lee=hell no. And they finally axed Zayra. She had the attitude and quite a style, but she always sounded off key.

Dad made it back from his ill-timed business trip - he flew out on the 10th (the day terrorist plot came out). We thought everything was cool, but he ended up coming home a day late after the first plane had engine troubles and the second plane somehow ended up with a broken door.

Mom is still her usual with the crazy health issues. She's now back to her semi-retired gastroenterologist. Apparently the new "great" doctor wasn't so great after all. Whatever.

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