Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hubby and I took a long weekend to visit his family over the 4th of July. As usual, it was an event to be remembered.

In a nutshell:

Youngest sister is either severely hyperthyroidic (is that a word?) or on crank or crack. She's used before, so anything's possible. She drove us absofuckinglutely crazy with the non-stop, rapid-fire yakking, the unsolicited and verbose advice on EVERYTHING, and her posse of friends & family that followed her everywhere. We'd go to Hubby's dad's to escape...she and crew would show up. We'd go to Hubby's mom's....same shit.

Youngest sister's daughter (aka Princess), who's 2 1/2 is extremely possesive of her grandma (hubby's mom). She threw an absolute hissy fit when she first saw Grandma holding Peanut. It was so bad, Grandma had to hand Peanut over to Hubby and hold Princess. Later, anytime Grandma held Peanut, Princess had to be on her lap or in his face the whole time. Apparently Princess runs the show, her moms don't do much about it, and Grandma feels its not her place to discipline/offer advice. So we got about 3 hours total alone with Grandma over the whole 4 days there. Youngest sister was spending the whole week there and didn't have the consideration to allow us alone-time with Grandma.

Peanut got sick with an icky throat infection, so our last day there and the drive home were iffy. Of course, youngest sister kept telling us he was JUST TEETHING. I'm sure our neighbors in the hotel didn't appreciate the midnight and 5 am screamfests. Oh well. I've been tortured plenty of times with squeaking beds and wall thumping in my day.

Otherwise, we enjoyed ourselves. Seeing Hubby's parents was great. We practically had to pry Peanut away from them in order to return home. We visited with some friends, saw the new Batman movie (heaven...a movie in a theater), and scoped out Hubby's plot of property. We even (for maybe a half hour) considered selling our house, building a place on his land, and moving there. Then reality hit. Nice place to visit, not such a great option for full-time residence.

Just because Peanut is so cute and Blogger allows free pix, here are some gratuitous cute Peanut pix:

Here he's 9 days old - the day he came home from the NICU.

He's about 5 months old and chillin' out:

This was taken about a week ago. If we pull him away from the computer, he gets PISSED and throws a fit. He even smacked Daddy a couple of times during one of his hissy fits. Yes, that thing hanging from his onesie is a binky on a tether. Something we SWORE WE WOULD NEVER DO. I can't imagine life without it. In the middle of the night when he starts to cry, it's oh so easy to roll over, find the binky, and plug it back in. Peanut has started a drool rash on his chin, so I'm afraid the binky days may be numbered. The horror.

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