Friday, December 09, 2005

Yayyyyyyyy!!! Hubby comes home tonight. He's been in Myjammy (Miami) all week for a forensic investigations class. Sounds like he's had a week of very depressing case studies. And he and his classmate stayed at a hotel right at the airport, so poor Hubby had gotten very little sleep. The flight pattern goes over their hotel from roughly 4:30 am - 11 pm. Hubby said he could look out his window and wave at the people on the plane looking out their windows.

Anyhoo, Peanut and I survived quite well. Sunday night was rough and he ended up in bed with me by 1 am. All the other nights he STAYED IN HIS CRIB! WOO HOO!! He did have a few little wakeups each night, but those were remedied either by himself, by me sticking the binky back in his mouth, or a combo of binky and butt-patting. And on all but one morning after his 5 am bottle, HE WENT BACK TO SLEEP IN HIS CRIB. He has never done that. Never ever. After the am bottle, he always wants to snuggle up to Daddy. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that we can keep this up even after Hubby gets home. I also moved his last bottle up to 10 pm, 60-90 minutes earlier than usual, and that worked without affecting his morning wakeup. I hope we can continue moving it up until we phase it out. He's definetly old enough to sleep the whole night without it. I'll be out of town 2 nights next week, so Daddy will be tested.

And yesterday, he had a check-up. So after his 5 am bottle, I pumped and showered, like on a regular work day, then got back into bed at 6 and was able to sleep from 6-8!! Peanut woke up at 8 and was even happy. He didn't realize I was still in bed, so he kept peeking out of the crib toward the door and making little "oooooh? ooooh!" sounds. I think he was asking where everyone was. So I brought him into bed with me for a few minutes of snuggle time.

I can't believe how well he did with sleeping on his own. Each night I laid him in the crib awake at 8:30 pm and within 15-30 minutes he'd be asleep. He still fusses and cries and I have to go in a few times and pat his butt, but he's falling asleep by himself without a full-on freakout.

Now all we need to do is phase out that late-night bottle and get him to self-soothe back to sleep in the night and we'll be all set.

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