Friday, November 17, 2006

Tomorrow is the big party day! A moonwalk is rented (I know, he’s only 2, but he looooooved the one at our friend’s Halloween party. Maybe he’ll wear himself out and sleep in his own bed. One can hope.) The Elmo cake is ordered and Elmo/red decorations are ready to be set up.

Finding a moonwalk was an interesting ordeal. I ended up calling about 10 places.

The first was a local (as in the owners live in our neighborhood) small business: called several times, left 2 messages, never heard back. This scenario turned out to be the norm.

The local Moonwalk franchise seemed promising, but the manager was out recovering from surgery. She was professional enough to leave a message stating so. I contacted her via email, but had already found another place by the time she responded. I felt bad, so I wrote back to let and told her I’d keep her in mind for next time. Her prices aren’t as good as the deal I got, but aren’t bad, either.

The next 2 were large party rental suppliers. Both had real people answer their phones but charged exorbitant prices. #1 wanted $100 for 4 hours plus $50 for delivery. #2 wanted $125 for 8 hours and $70 for delivery. I declined, but kept their info in case nothing else panned out.

The best price was with another small business. I was ready to make the reservation when the call started breaking up and dropped (obviously the “business” phone was a cell). I immediately called back and it dropped again. I called later, got voicemail, left a message, and never heard back.

Another’s phone number went to an a/c repair business. So did the 800 number.

Finally, one of the places called back. They turned out to be the in-town location of the place that wanted the $70 delivery charge. $107 for everything: rental, delivery, pickup. Reservation made. Woo hoo!

Afterwards, I couldn’t believe I had to call that many places to find A) a business that actually existed and B) a good price. Maybe they do such brisk business they don’t bother with callbacks? Blowing off potential clients seems like an unprofitable way to run a business. But what do I know?

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