Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, I loathe W@l-M@rt. They discriminate when advancing employees into managerial positions, put small local competition out of business, block employees from unionizing (often by dissolving departments), and sell cheap crap. The Selzach family shops there as a last resort when we can’t find an item elsewhere or when we have a late night emergency and it’s the only place open. I also don’t like much of their clientele. Their reek of cigarettes and beer says it all.

We recently picked up a few items at our neighborhood retail hell. I noticed a little girl picking candy from the display at the back of our lane’s cash register and thought little of it. The cashier noticed that the girl had opened a pack of gum, put it back, then joined her mother in the next lane over. So the cashier pulled the gum out and handed it to the mom telling her that she had to pay for it since it was opened. As soon as our cashier went back to scanning our stuff, the mom slipped the gum back into the display. So the cashier again told her she needed to pay for it and received dirty, glares from the mom. She gave up and totaled our purchase.

WTF? If you ignore your kids and they break or damage something, you’re responsible for it, period. And when you get busted for being a sneak, don’t get a ‘tude with the person doing their job. Discipline your child, while you’re at it…or better yet, pay attention to what your kid and her sticky fingers are doing.

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StaceyG said...

That's just wrong. Look what she's teaching her kid. Ugh!