Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been itching to post, but just haven't had the time. Hubby has a trainee which means he's usually home late and has been teaching a lot of weekend and night classes at the community college. This is the first 2-day weekend we've had together since my ice skating debacle. The house is a disaster and needs some serious decluttering and cleaning. Fingers crossed that we will finally have time to steam clean the carpets tomorrow. We need to take the Christmas lights down off the bushes and cut back a bunch of plantings killed by the hard frosts.

My face is looking much better. I still have the bruise under my eye and some red on my eyelid. I'm also still fairly tender on that side of my face - I must have bruised the bone. But it's so much better than it was.

Bean is crawling like a fiend, pulling up on anything and everything and very close to cruising. He's babbling more now. I think some "ma-mas" and "da-das" will come soon. He's cute as can be, almost 18 lbs (more than half Peanut's weight), getting over a second ear infection, but tolerating Augmentin much better than big bro, and still waking a couple times each night. Zzzzzz...need sleep.

He seems to be hitting the separation anxiety stage. He cried a couple of mornings when I dropped the kids off. Normally he would crawl off and get into the toy bin. Hubby took them in this morning and he said Bean howled and buried his head in Hubby's neck when he tried to hand him over to the caregiver.

His favorite place at daycare is under one of the cribs where they keep a toy container. I peeked in on him the other day and all that was visible was a cute little diaper butt poking out from under the crib.

Peanut is a hoot and a pain. He's been super hyper lately. I think a lot of it is attention-seeking since Hubby's been at work so much. He's quite the little singer. He loves "Mamma Mia" (a Christmas gift to me) and is really into drawing aliens. He often names his creations. The last one had a bunch of arms and legs and was called "Tentace Buckus". I love it!

He and I had some good bonding time this week while driving to a nearby city for a urology appointment. I hardly get to spend any time alone with him anymore. Thankfully everything is fine, the appointment was unnecessary. Peanut proudly announced to everyone at daycare that he went to his "Peepee Doctor" and everything is good.

Work is work. I tried to arrange with the rep from a supply company to try out a cool doodad for an ongoing series of experiments. Said doodad is designed for human medical use but could potentially work really well in our setting. Unfortunately, their liability department decided our application was too risky and won't let us try it out. Not surprising, but disappointing. WE may buy one and hope it works.

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Glad you are feeling better!