Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This past weekend was....hell. The good part was I finally got to go shopping.

Hubby didn't get home from work Friday until about 1 am Saturday. A scumbag dude decided to plant a pipe bomb in the yard of a woman he had a grudge against. Luckily it didn't discharge, she found it, and called the cops. Guess who got the case. Yep, Hubby.

Shortly after he came to bed, he started feeling icky and got the trots. No, the full-on gallops. The kind he refers to as "peeing out your butt". Later in the morning he threw up, but felt better after. At around noon he seemed to be feeling good, so he gave me the A-OK to go shopping. At around 3 I called to check on him and he sounded terrible, so I headed back home.

After a quick sandwich (which I will forever regret) I ran to the grocery store for g*tor*de, ginger ale and chicken noodle soup. By the time I got home, Hubby was on the mend. Still achy and feverish, but feeling good enough to eat. That's when I started peeing out my butt. Then came the nausea. Then came the 8 or so hours of puking. Which included me pooping my pants twice while puking. So I spent the rest of the weekend wearing a diaper inside my underpants and felt too sick to even be embarrassed by it. In the wee hours of Sunday am, I finally stopped puking, although my tummy was all sorts of unhappy and tried to sleep, but that's when the muscle aches started. I ached so badly I could not sleep. I finally got a couple of hours after daylight, and dozed on and off in the afternoon.

Yesterday I stayed home and slept in after getting up to give Peanut his early morning bottle and get him and Hubby on their ways to daycare and work. Once I felt human again, I disnfected the bathrooms as best I could, scrubbed the kitchen counters and sink, and did about a ton of laundry. I still can't get over the feeling our house is a hotbed of nasty viral funk.

Somehow Peanut has managed to avoid the bug (oh, how we are thanking our lucky stars and praying he stays bug-free), but my mom caught it, probably from me when Peanut and I visited on Friday. I called her Sunday to see if she could watch Peanut so Hubby could go out and I could sleep but she was in the throes of gut-churning gastroenteritis.

Now I'm busy trying to build my milk supply back up. I missed a couple of pumps while I was sick and was probably too dehydrated to make much anywas, so I'm only producing about half of what I was before - which is about half of what Peanut needs. Luckily I have a freezer stash. But if my supply doesn't come back up, he'll go through it in a couple of weeks.

I have a feeling we may have caught the bug at the pediatrician's office last week. Next time we're there for a follow-up, we're sitting on the well kid side and not the sick kid side.

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