Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My household has become thermometer central. Before Peanut, we had 2 thermometers, the regular run of the mill digital, and I added a basal thermometer when trying to get pregnant. Really, who needs more than that? Who even needs two?

Peanut came home from the NICU with an additional digital thermometer. Since it was good enough for the hospital, it was good enough for me. For his first few days at home, we kept an eye on his temperature, just to be sure he was maintaining an adequate temperature.

Hubby got tired of holding it under his arm (big struggle), and we knew rectal temps would soon be the norm, so he bought one of those funky, expensive temporal thermometers as an alternative. Problem: it only gave accurate readings on me. So back it went. In the meantime, I misplaced the hospital thermometer, so I bought a bright yellow Sp0ngeb0b one to use as a rectal thermometer. (Bright yellow will not easily be mistaken for the oral thermometer. Ewww.) Damn if Sp0ngeb0b isn't slow. So hubby bought an in-ear thermometer. It also doesn't work well on Peanut. But it does work on us adults. So we kept it. Then I found a cheapie 1o-second rectal thermometer with a safety tip. The NICU nurse had told me they don't take rectal temps due to risk of perforating the anus. So now I'm super paranoid about that. It works, but it reads about a half degree low. It's fast and at least can tell me if Peanut has a fever or not, but I like to use Sp0ngeb0b as a backup. So I don't know why I even bother with it.

At some point, hubby also bought a paci thermometer. Peanut knows it's not a real binkie and therefore will not suck on it long enough to get a reading.

And just now I saw they make actual underarm thermometers. Hmmm....One of those may be in store in the future. Peanut is much to wiggly for one now.

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