Monday, September 26, 2005

Sinus infection 1 selzach 0

I'm finally feeling human again after a shitty cold that turned into an even shittier sinus infection. I'm counting my lucky stars that Peanut only had the cold...which he gave to me and which developed into a horrid sinus infection complete with tooth pain and a plugged ear.

I saw a different doctor than normal, and he was quite the character. Lots of calling me "dear" and staring at my chest. Not exactly the best way to instill a sense of confidence. Him digging wax out of my left ear didnt' exactly warm my heart, either. Now I understand why Peanut screams when he sees the nurse come at him. Holy shit, it hurts. And my ear wasn't infected.

The lovely doctor also put me on Augmentin. I reminded him I was nursing and he told me it was completely safe. Paranoid that I am, I went home and checked online. It's excreted in breastmilk. None of that "this hasn't been tested" bullshit. Straight up, no doubt about it, excreted. So I asked the pharmacist who told me to expect Peanut to get the shits. Which then led to me explaining that Peanut vomits from the stuff and should I take it or ask for another antibiotic, and he gave me a non-commital "it could possibly make him vomit." Luckily, no shits and no puking by either of us, although I've had some funky vile gas and a queasy tummy.

Speaking of funky, ever since we started Peanut on table food, his poop has gotten stinkier and stinkier. Oh. My. Lord. It's baaaaaaad. So bad I could smell it through my sinus infection-plugged nose. Yowza.

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