Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to the grind... I had the week off between Chrismas and New Year's Day and what heaven it was. I stayed home with Peanut and had a great time bonding with him. We ran errands, tooled around, he had his flu shot and lead test. The lead test sucked. His veins are so tiny, the phlebotomist had to poke him about 5 or 6 times before she got the needle in. Each time she poked, he jumped and screamed. I was as much a mess as him by the time we got out of there. The poor little guy still has bruises on his arm a week later. Just to share the pain (no, not really) I had my first B-12 shot last week. Damn, that mofo hurt. I still have a bruise, too. And 3 more weekly injections followed by monthly ones. Fun times.

The holidays were good. Mom spent Christmas with us, so it was the usual grin (or grit your teeth and bite your tongue) and bear it. Peanut received a slew of great toys from our family and is still having a blast playing with them all. He was so ramped up on Christmas day, he didn't take a nap till late afternoon and he did not want to sleep. Cute little stinker.

We went to Best Friend's house for New Year's Eve. Had dinner, hung out, watched a movie, and left well before midnight. Peanut conked out in the car and luckily stayed asleep when our neighbors lit off a bunch of fireworks at midnight. Hubby and I enjoyed the free show from our front stoop.

Best Friend is the usual...complaints about money, but couldn't stop talking about the recent trip she and her husband took to CA and their plans to go again this year. She finally saw a fertility specialist who gave her a list of options to try. Of course she doesn't want to do any of them, complained about how expensive it all will be, then said her parents will pay if they decide to go the in vitro route. I didn't delve any further into the topic. Everything with her comes back to money and I just don't want to know about it.

My aunt got into town yesterday for a couple of days and we had a nice time last night. Dumbass that I am, I turned the alarm on yesterday, forgot about it, and she set it off when she got home. Hubby was at an investigation and I was stuck in traffic. Luckily, the alarm company called him before dispatching it, and he told them not to worry. Auntie visited my cousins and another aunt and uncle on the way here. She's toting Gramma's ashes along (which has Mom completely freaked out - she thinks Auntie is off the deep end). Auntie and my other aunt and uncle bought a bottle of Gramma's favorite wine, put a glass on top of her container and toasted her. I thought it was pretty cool. I hope she's somewhere looking down and laughing at my crazy-ass family.

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