Friday, January 27, 2006

Mom is now ensconced back in her own home. She spent a stressfull night and day with us after her release from the hospital. She'd feel OK for a while, then start having pains and bloating again which would sent her into near-panic mode. That night she had leg cramps which nearly sent her into a tizzy. Neither Hubby nor or worried over that - the hospital had given her potassium supplementation and said that her electrolytes were out of whack when she went in. We've been encouraging her to eat bananas, as has the nurse.

She's been set up with a home health nurse who is checking on her daily or every couple of days, much to our relief. My only issue with that is that the nurse told her to use hand sanitizer after bowel movements instead of washing. I'm no medical professional, but my understanding is that a good hand-scrubbing with soap is the best way to clean them. I suggested she could both wash her hands and use the sanitizer, and Hubby mentioned that if she should get fecal matter on her hands, just rubbing sanitizer on them wouldn't necessarily remove it.

The nurse also got her wound up about some nasty intestinal bug she could have picked up while admitted. Mom kept telling us if we started having diarrhea, to go immediately to the doctor. I tried to explain that Hubby had it last week BEFORE she even went to hospital and I came down with it a couple days after she went in, but we're pretty sure it has nothing to do with the hospital. She kept insisting I go to the doctor. I finally got her to leave it alone when I told her I'd go if the bug didn't pass in a reasonable amount of time (which I'd do anyway).

She got into it with Hubby again, convinced he was being mean to her, when he was just asking her not to mess around with stuff in our house. Granted, she was trying to help by doing a chore, but ended up putting dirty dishes into the clean dishes, so we ran them all again. It wasn't a big deal, but we've asked her many times not to do chores because silly little things always happen that end up making more work for us. Hubby later had to go back to her house after dropping her off, because she insisted on taking one of her medicines before leaving, then left the whole bag of her 10+ daily meds on our counter. Round trip to and from her house is roughly an hour, so Hubby had no evening to relax.

She made up with Hubby and said she does love him. I'm sure in another month or 6 she'll be back to disliking him again, so whatever.

Meanwhile, I'm just trying to hold it together. And not get trapped into any conversations with Mom.

Peanut is a joy. He seems to be better adjusted to his new room at daycare. Monday and Tuesday nights were rough because he was overtired and cranky. The past couple days have been much better and he's been able to take a little snooze during the car ride home. He has decided that Gerber Puffs are passe and now would rather have the fruit snacks. He drops the Puffs one by one off his tray (down to the eagerly awaiting dog). He does it was a dramatic toss of the arm which always makes me smile.

Nights are still hit or miss. He ends up in bed with us more often than not, but I think we have weaned him off the 5 am bottle. He gets breakfast around 6:15 on weekdays now. Since he's no longer a "baby" we are responsible for giving breakfast before dropping him off. :rollyeyes:

He's been discovering lots of mischief to get into: the TV power button, beating on the hall nightlight with a spoon (then having a full-on tantrums when I tried to redirect him 3 or 30 times), yanking on the kitchen cabinets and discovering the one which doesn't yet have a baby lock (damn odd cabinet door).

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