Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Arrrgh. WTF happened to my comments? I realized they were missing, checked my template and saw they were turned off (which I don't remember doing...but may have) so I turned them back on. But all the comments are GONE. They had links to a couple of blogs I don't have bookmarked. Dammit.

Mom is slowly feeling better. She's eating solids now and seems more comfortable. The visiting nurses are coming daily to check on her and it's doing a world of good. She's going to contact a lady who worked at the ALF Mom lived at a couple years ago and see if she'd be willing to come a few hours a month for housework and conversation. I've got my fingers crossed her hourly wage isn't too much.

As I was sitting in the work bathroom, I was nearly overcome by airplane glue fumes. Maybe paint. Or Wite-Out. All I could think was that someone was going to find me in there and think I passed out due to my own stink. That would bite.

One of the other labs has a funk. (It smells like ass.) No one can figure out what may be a drain, but both sinks have been recently used, so I doubt sewer gases would be coming up. And it doesn't smell exactly like sewer gas, more like a dirty diaper. Anytime I walk in there my train of thought goes something like this.. "It smells in here. Like a dirty diaper. I miss Peanut." I'm sure Peanut would love to know that dirty dipeys remind me of him.

Just call me the stink connoi-sewer.

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