Monday, February 06, 2006

This morning got off to a bad start. I’ve been fighting a cold/sinus thing for a couple of weeks and started feeling worse and slightly feverish yesterday. I woke up feeling the same today with the addition of Ny-Qu1l-induced grogginess. Ick.

Peanut didn’t want to wake up this morning, either. He started with a crying fit and wanted Daddy only. Daddy is still getting ready for work when Peanut gets up, so I’m the one who dresses and feeds him weekday mornings – fuel for the fire. His hatred for diaper changes has recently been renewed and he flailed, rolled, tantrumed, sat up, squirmed, and tried to take a header off the changing table. When I got the diaper open, I noticed Peanut had a turd-encrusted butt which required much wiping to clean. During which time he peed on me. Twice. And continued to kick, scream, twist, and wiggle. I got so frustrated I yelled. At my 14-month old. Great mom that I am. Hubby finished dressing Peanut before I completely lost my marbles.

Peanut was so worked up he didn’t want much breakfast, so I held him while Hubby finished getting ready for work and loaded his and Peanut’s lunches into the car. Peanut was out of sorts and still wanted Daddy. He didn’t want me to put him down (he became a limp noodle as soon as any body parts touched the floor) but he didn’t particularly want me holding him, either. I finally sort of calmed him down by giving him a binky and holding him tightly against my chest while rocking.

Teething may be the issue. His missing top front tooth looks ready to erupt any second now (bye bye jack-o’lantern smile) and another bottom one isn’t far behind. Over the weekend he drooled profusely.

As I was locking up the doors and getting my shit together, Hubby came back in and asked for a jump-start. After dropping Peanut off at daycare, he realized we forgot the daycare check (due today) and he left his gym clothes at home, in addition to being late to work.

Peanut is now set up in his own room. We moved the crib and accessories into his room Friday night. Peanut loves to play in there. Already, the wipes-warmer has been moved out of reach, as Peanut absolutely LOVES to yank all the wipes out, one at a time. Then stuff them back in. Then yank them out again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The diapers also get untstacked and re-stacked. And then there’s the bookcase begging to have all its contents stewn across the floor…and lots of pages to be ripped. (Luckily the only ripping so far has been to his magazines which I’m brain-farting on and can’t remember the title to.) Sorry Gramma. I’m sure in about 5 years Peanut will love the magazines, but right now the allure of shredded pepper is overpowering.

Friday night Hubby slept in the guest room with the baby monitor so I could get a good night’s sleep alone. Well, I use the term “slept” loosely. He stayed up till 4:30 am and Peanut woke at 5:30 for a bottle. After which he spent the rest of the time tossing, turning, and farting in bed with Hubby until he decided wakey-time was 7:30. In short, Hubby got 1 hour of sleep.

Hubby trundled back off to bed as I finished giving Peanut his breakfast. Peanut was in a happy mood playing with his toys, so I decided to clean the bathroom…I could keep an eye on him at the same time. Peanut started grunting and straining and covering his eyes (I have no idea why, but he recently started doing this when taking a dump), so I let him go about his business while cleaning. He decided to scoot into the bathroom just as I was getting ready to clean the tub. He happily grabbed the potty (which had just been cleaned, so was only teeming with thousands of bacteria instead of bazillions) and stood up. And a golf ball-sized turd dropped out his pant leg. After several “Oh Jayzuses” I laughed my ass off and carried him to the hated changing table for a major clean-up.

I almost woke Hubby up with a loud “I’m on break!” But being the loving spouse I am, I let him sleep.

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stefanierj said...

Hey you--I was wondering why my comments never showed up! I was getting the feeling you don't want anyone to read this blog! I love reading about where Peanut is because I know now what I have to look forward to. Turds rolling on the floor? Covering his eyes when he poops? Too much!