Monday, February 13, 2006

The weekend passed too quickly, as usual. Dad and Stepmom came for a visit. They arrived Friday night shortly after Peanut went to bed, but were able to get a peek at him when he woke up for his 10pm bottle. He barely even woke up, so Saturday morning, he started and stared at them, wondering who they were and how the heck they snuck into our house. Within 30 minutes he was over it and wanted to be held, cuddled and played with by Grammy and Grampy. He really took to Grammy this visit and had great fun playing with her. He even fell asleep on her lap for his Saturday nap. She rubbed his back and tummy while they watched TV. He fought sleep, but eventually leaned back against her and zonked out.

On Sunday, we went clothes shopping for Peanut, which is becoming a tradition when they visit. Peanut is 15 months old and between the gifts of clothing from family & friends and the hand-me-downs from SIL, we've had to buy very few things. We weren't too smart about the timing, though. By the time we shopped, waited for a table and ate lunch, it was 2 pm. Naptime is around 12:30. Peanut had a full-on meltdown when Hubby tried to put him in the carseat. I had to get in on the other side and the two of us managed (after about 5 minutes) to finally get him strapped in. He turned into a limp noodle and slid out the seat. Then he suddenly had a back of steel and arched his way out. I thought he was going to puke lunch up the crying was so hard. As we drove home, the crying subsided into sobby-sniffles, then to sniffles, then finally, he fell asleep.

They left to stay near the airport last night and should be on a home-bound plane now. This time they booked a cheaper flight out today instead of the usual Sunday night. Which worked perfectly as all the northeastern airports were closed yesterday during the storm. Neither of them were sad to miss it!

Peanut is almost walking. He'll take a couple of steps here and there. Of course, the first time he did it was at daycare. At home we've been encouraging him to use the walker. I get frustrated, though, because he continually gets backed into a corner or against some other obstacle. Saturday morning I got him set up with the walker and he turned to go around the corner of the couch. Then he got in front of it and pushed it backwards away from the wall. When he fell down, he was able to stand back up without me holding the walker or picking him up myself! Later in the day, he was so confident, he would actually lift the walker off the floor to turn it. He'll definitely be walking on his own soon.

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