Monday, March 20, 2006

Peanut finally is over his rotavirus hell. We ended up back at the pediatrician's office on Saturday after 3 nights of 2-3 hour screamfests. It was like having a colicky infant all over again. The diarrhea ended on Thursday, but apparently he still felt like crap. He also cut a tooth during that time, which I'm sure made everything worse.

The pediatrician (our favorite in the practice and Peanut's primary one) sat down with us and really looked Peanut over and asked a bunch of questions. He felt that Peanut was just at the tail end of the bug and was correct. He also wants Peanut to have a blood screening when he's been healthy for a while. He suspects Peanut may be low in one of his immune factors, and that it's something possibly inherited from Hubby who also had serious childhood ear infections and is asthmatic.

Yesteray, Peanut woke up with a smile! He had a good day, although no nap. He was much to busy visiting with and getting to know our out of town friends who stayed for the day. At bedtime, were back to the screaming and fussing and Hubby had to lie in our bed and hold him in order for him to get to sleep. This morning was not-so-nice, but I don't like weekday mornings, either. I had to fight Peanut to get him in the carseat and the daycare dropoff sucked.

After the daycare stop, I went to the lab to have blood drawn, to see if the iron pills I'm cough only taking half as frequently as a should cough did anything for my borderline anemia.

The woman at the station in front of me had obviously been undergoing chemo. She was beautifully dressed and had a gorgeous purple scarf covering her head. The phlebotomist asked how her treatments were going and she gleefully said she had just had her last. She was scheduled to go in for scans to see if her cancer was in remission. She was so happy and hopeful. As I was leaving, I saw her walking out, holding hands with her husband. I hope she's in remission, too. What an amazing, beautiful woman.

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