Friday, March 03, 2006

Poor little Peanut has been sick. Last week we were home for three days with and upper respiratory infection and wheezing. Several days of nebulizer treatments banished the wheeze. This Tuesday, Hubby had a call from daycare. Peanut was running a fever and had been crying all morning. Hubby picked him up, made an appointment with the pediatrician, and brought him home. As soon as Hubby got Peanut out of daycare, he perked right up, drank his milk, ate lunch, and acted like a normal, happy little guy. Maybe he was just missing Daddy.

They got to the doctor’s office later in the afternoon. Peanut had a temp of 103.2, but nothing obviously infected. Ears, throat, lungs all good. So the doctor sent Peanut for a chest X-ray just in case. Ding Ding! Walking pneumonia. Poor little guy. At least now he’s had a couple days of antibiotics and the fever is gone or down very low. Up until Thursday, if we didn’t give Tylen0l every 4 hours, it would spike right back up to 103.

I’ve enjoyed my time home with Peanut (5 days over the past 2 weeks). We’ve taken long walks with the dog, gone to the park to feed the ducks…Peanut even threw bread to the ducks, it was adorable, visited Gramma. We’ve taken naps together almost every afternoon. When Peanut is sick it’s verrrry difficult to get him to sleep on his own. Not that I mind getting a daily nap. When he wakes up, smiles at me, and snuggles over to give me a hug and cuddle, there’s nothing better.

I did lose my patience last Saturday, though. Hubby worked till about 3 am on Friday night/Saturday morning, then had to go back in at noon on Saturday. The only way I could get Peanut to sleep Friday night was to bring him in bed with me, even though I wanted to stay up and watch tv and relax. I left Peanut in the crib for a little while, hoping he’d settle down on his own. When I went to change into my jammies, he got so upset, he puked. Yuck. That’s when I gave up the tv and brought him into bed. He had to sleep most of the night cuddled up or on me, so I woke up very stiff and sore.

Saturday morning, Peanut and I took mom and her 2 cats to the vet. I really, really needed a nap by Saturday afternoon, but Peanut didn’t. We went back and forth from the crib to the bed for about 2 hours until I gave up. When Hubby finally got home that night, I turned Peanut over to him. I was done. Frazzled.

Even with my bit of super-stress, I enjoyed being home with the little guy. All the hugs and snuggles. The big smiles whenever he takes a few steps unaided. His excited “Da? Dadadada!” every night when he hears Hubby’s key in the lock.

This morning when I left for work, he was lying perpendicular to Hubby, with his feet propped up on Hubby’s chest. I kissed his little fuzzhead goodbye and knew I’d be missing him all day.

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