Thursday, December 21, 2006

How could I neglect to mention that Peanut came home with a Bzzzzz L!ghtyear plane from the D!sney Store. Hubby couldn’t wait till Christmas to give it to him, so Peanut got it last night. It’s a puzzle toy and can be changed into a helicopter or rocket. It’s perfect, a copter-plane. Peanut tells me which he wants and I move the propeller to the appropriate spot. Lat night, Hubby conned him into bed by allowing copter-plane to sleep with him. I snuck in once he was asleep and pried the radio out from under him.

I did some online perusing and discovered F!sher Pr!ce L!ttle Peeeeple has an absolutely adorable nativity set. We have a cute porcelain set that one of our moms gave us (both gave us the same Dollar Store set one year – it’s actually pretty classy looking) which has a magnetic attraction for Peanut. (I wonder why? I hardly ever played with our Nativity as a child. The angel may have taken baby Jesus for a flight or two, but I hardly ever touched it.) I’m afraid he’s going to break the figures, so this one will be perfect. I couldn’t resist adding the shepherds. The little dude holding a lamb is precious.

Did you know they also have a family celebrating Hanukkah? And most of their sets come with characters of different skin and hair colors. Way cool.

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