Monday, December 11, 2006

Last week ended up being one of those crazy weeks. Hubby had two all-nighters in three days and wasn’t even on call.

A guy was stabbed approximately 25 times. All wounds were shallow, none life-threatening. God truly does love drunks. The victim started the fight by throwing a beer bottle at another drunk dude’s head. A scuffle ensued.

The cops rounded up the rest of the drunkards for questioning. Hubby went down to the holding area. As he was waiting, one of the guys took a huge dump. So Hubby asked him what crawled up his ass and died. Drunk #2 started laughing his ass off. To which Hubby replied, “What are you laughing at. You pissed your pants.”

Is it obvious Hubby hates being called out for stupid drunks?

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stefanierj said...

In answer to your question: a little. But you have to read between the lines. :)

Hope this week's better. Hugs to you.