Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I visited Mom last night. She's depressed and very anxious, but seemed a little better. We talked for a little while until she needed to lie down. According to Mom, the doctor is at a loss as far as long-term treatment. She has the kickass social worker again, but I haven't gotten in touch with her yet.


Peanut had a rough time with "my tummy hurt" and a fever. Hubby is home with him today and he seems to be almost over it.

We're still making little progress in potty training, but he had a couple of "ah-ha" moments this weekend. While I was busy scrubbing the floor on Sunday, he told me he was going to the "baffroom". Something set off my Mom-dar and I went to check. He had his pull-up down around his ankles with a big load inside. I wiped him off and made a big show of dumping the poop in the big potty.

During his bath on Sunday he got up on all fours and peed into the tub. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty and he agreed. He tried so hard to pee some more.

Maybe, just maybe, we're getting somewhere.

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