Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This morning was fairly typical. Peanut didn't want to wake up or eat breakfast. He yelled "No snuggle me" when I tried to hold him upright and speed the waking process. He didn't want English muffins with cream cheese - his current favorite (he will swipe mine if I'm not careful). Even the promise of a donut failed. I dressed him while he was still half asleep. It involved much fussing and squirming and complaints about my outfit choice. We finally got dressed, washed, and brushed with the bribe of a donut in the car. Then he wanted the English muffin, which I had already tossed. Crying ensued. We got settled down and into the car with a donut and a baggie of froot loops.

Once we pulled out of the garage, more complaints followed.

"I don't want sun up. I want it dark."

"Sorry, sweetie. I can't control the sun."

"I mad."

"Are you mad at Mommy?"


"Are you mad at Daddy?"


"Are you mad at the sun?"


"Are you mad at Luna?"


"Are you mad at Lily?"

"No. She good doggie."

A short while later...

"I not mad anymore. I happy."

We had a great drive and he bounced into daycare. He carried his donut and loops to his favorite teacher's room, grabbed a chair and sat down to eat. I had to ask for a hug and kiss.

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StaceyG said...

I wish I could get happy just like that! Gotta love little kids. And a happy belated to Peanut!