Monday, December 03, 2007

Since I last posted...

Peanut turned 3 (actually he turned 3 a few days prior to my last post). We had a small Superman-themed party at our house with a few friends and their families. We ordered a few platters of food from our local Pubics (Publix) and did no planning. It was great. The kids played together and the grownups sat around eating and talking. Best Friend and her family stayed into the evening and we ordered a pizza and watched a couple of movies.

We visited Hubby's family for Thanksgiving. Peanut had another birthday party there along with his second cousin who just turned one. He had so much fun playing with all his cousins and being doted on by the grandparents. There was some family drama, but nothing too bad. Oldest and youngest SILs are both drinking (a lot by the looks of it). They popped in for Turkey, dropped off gifts, then headed to the campround to drink some more. Oldest's grandson was sick and wound up in the ER that night, but she couldn't be bothered to help her very worried daughter. We wound up staying at FIL's so our niece, her husband, and sick baby could stay at MIL's instead of spending the night alone. Youngest SIL also filled us in on her DUI hit-and-run this summer. Unfortunately for her, the victim got her tag number, so several cops were waiting when she arrived at home. She somehow weaseled out of a DUI charge, but still has to appear on the rest. Hubby's drug-addict cousin, who is squatting in a trailer with no utilities has apparently been breaking into MIL's vacant house for heat, cable, and hot water. Pretty much the usual.

Mom is still at the state hospital. Apparently someone transposed my home phone number, so the social worker and general physician weren't able to contact me (but somehow the shrink has working numbers for me - go figure.) Mom had a bad time for the first few days, got dehydrated, refused meds and food, tried to remove her patch (psych meds), and had to be tube fed. She's eating and drinking now. It sounds like a g-tube is a pretty nasty thing and is good motivation for her to eat on her own. They want to do some scans of her abdomen, but I haven't been able to contact the general doctor, so I'm not sure what's going on with that.

We're looking forward to Christmas. Peanut is so excited to see all the lights. We may get the tree up tonight - I did the outside lights last night.

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StaceyG said...

You should write a book and then retire on the royalties.

Happy holidays!!