Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mom is settling in (somewhat) at the state hospital. I've spoken with her a couple of times and we had good conversations. She was coherent and asked many questions about me, Peanut, Hubby, the pregnancy, and the family. She also said she's going to try harder to do what she needs to do to get better. It's wonderful to hear that she has some hope again. There are other days when I call that she refuses to come to the phone or is in the middle of another hyperventillation spell and can't talk.

I've filled out pages of paperwork on her financial status. Full price monthly stay at the hospital is roughly $10K. Her monthly check isn't even 1/10th of that much. They should work with us to make sure she has enough money to continue paying rent to the trailer park and her other medical bills. There won't be much left over for the hospital. Certainly nothing near their price.

Somehow she has lost her top teeth (denture) and glasses. The teeth went missing in the medical ward. She placed them in a cup and I suspect they were accidentally thrown away. The missing glasses are another story. She laid them on a bathroom shelf to take a shower and when she was finished, they were gone. I suspect they didn't disappear accidentally. I wonder if another patient took them.

The hospital will somehow take care of getting her some new teeth, but the glasses are questionable. I spoke with her ophthamologist's office today and they can't find the record of her glasses, which were purchesed there. So I left a message for the social worker and will see where it goes.

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StaceyG said...

Yeee-ow!!! So expensive!! But I suppose it's a small price to pay for peace of mind for you.