Friday, December 21, 2007

The family and I made a last-minute gift run last night. We noticed multiple police cars at the little pizza joint next to our subdivision. We wondered if a robbery had taken place as we turned into our neighborhood. We took a quick drive down a couple of neighboring streets, to enjoy the holiday lights, and made our way home. That’s when we noticed the police helicopter flying directly overhead.

Peanut and I went inside while Hubby gathered the laptop out of his patrol car. He turned on the radio while the computer booted up. It was abuzz. Yes, the pizza place had been robbed by two gunmen who fled on foot…into our subdivision. The helicopter was circling, perimeters were set up, and a tracking dog was brought in. Neighbors on the next street called in to report suspicious people and items dropped in their backyards.

Several hours later, two males were taken into custody. They later confessed to robbing the pizza place. They live in a subdivision catty-corner to ours and were trying to make their way back to their house. I guess they didn’t realize the cops would be faster than them. I’m glad they’re no longer on the loose.

UPDATE: The robbers were apprehended at the hospital. Apparently, they went to another nearby pizza/Italian joint for some slices of pizza before robbing the other place. They ended up with severe food poisoning and went to the ER. Talk about karma.

Hubby and I frequent the food poisoning place but usually order whole pies or other meals which (we assume) are freshly made. If this place is anything like the dumpy place I waitressed at in college, they prepare the by-the-slice pies in the morning and leave them sitting out all day. When someone orders a slice, it goes into the oven to be warmed then is served. Food poisoning comes as no surprise.

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