Saturday, November 01, 2008

They're like clockwork. Every Saturday, between 9:30 & 10:30 am, the church people come to our door. Usually they're the JWs. They drive me f'ing crazy because the scenario is always the same (not to mention I'm skeptical of any religion that requires its devout to recruit new members and will shun/excommunicate those who don't live up to their strict standards. Cultish, if you ask me.):


(Doorbell rings, dog goes apeshit, Bean starts screaming.) A crying baby is a great excuse to close the door, though.

Today I had them twice. Two elderly men at 10 am followed by a Spanish-speaking man and child at noon. "Do you speak Spanish? Does anyone in the house speak Spanish?"

Do they not check with each other to see which houses they've already been to? I wonder if our bilingual neighbors feign ignorance of English to get rid of them?

Our "No Soliciting" sign will be amended to include "No proselytizers". Leave me alone. I believe what I believe and no amount of annoying visits, whackadoo tracts, or fear mongering is going to convert me to your version of religion.

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