Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bean has another ear infection. Poor little dude. He tossed and turned all night and was plain pitiful this morning. He zonked out on his Boppy only a couple of hours after getting up. I'm so glad the peds office has Saturday hours.

He's a sharp guy. He says hi anytime someone is talking on the phone. He has learned "Uh-oh" which is frequently used after he throws a toy down (not quite how uh-oh us supposed to work...) He can almost say his brother's name. He understands "blow kissies" and "love on Peanut" (he crawls over to Peanut and lays his head on him. So cute!)

Work's good. I've been very busy, which I love. If only the nast post-doc would change her bad attitude. 3 out of 4 of us can't stand her. I think person #4 flip-flops on her opinion. Right now they're getting along thick as thieves, but we have a feeling that will change as a late-July deadline approaches...Post-doc is procrastinating as always and our coworker will likes receive the brunt of hostility as tension builds.

The 3 of us vent our frustrations by discussing what mean/stupid/bizarre crap comes out of the post-doc's mouth. It's pretty funny. The new employee is awesome. She will not tolerate the crap the post-doc lays on her and has no problem with going to the big boss if things get out of hand. So far the post-doc has tried to lay blame on her for something she let sit around for a week, then claimed it was the new employee's fault that it was late. She's supposed to be turning a bunch of projects over to the new employee and that has been a circus. Everything is half-assed and disorganized. The other coworker and I have been helping out wherever we can.

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